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Problem with transportation

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Hi, I am creating a copy ODS from an existing one and creating the transformation between two. It's direct mapping to all the fields. its created and activated successfully in Dev. But when transported to Test, all the fields mapped and trasported, b

I am creating a copy ODS from an existing one and creating the transformation between two. It's direct mapping to all the fields. its created and activated successfully in Dev. But when transported to Test, all the fields mapped and trasported, but one filed of the mapping in transportation failed. Source filed doesn't transported. Only destination filed got transported, so for that filed mapping is not there. Any idea why it happend and how to resolve it.

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We have to use the Rev-Track tool only to transport the objects. So I am not supposed to transport the transportation using other ways. Please let me know if there is any other way of doing it.
Our SP is 17.

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