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Problems with pse 9

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my pse9 won't let me resize in pixels or inches...also will not bring photos in on the right's about 5 hours behind.time stamp corruption - see this thread

my pse9 won't let me resize in pixels or inches...also will not bring photos in on the right's about 5 hours behind.

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time stamp corruption - see this thread
ACR 6.4 was "improved"

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Has anyone had a problem installing PSE Elements 8.

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I have installed PSE Elements 8 from a new boxed CD onto a new Dell running Windows 7 Professional (64 Bit). PSE has loaded without any warnings and I get to the welcome screen OK. Organiser works fine but if I try and start Edit it just circles arou[More]

Problems with PSE 8.0 (Mac version)

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Hi, I have two problems regarding PSE and Adobe Customer Service. First things first : 1. When I try to run successfully installed software I receive this error: and I don't know what to do next. Im trying to run it on Leopard Snow. 2. I bought softw[More]

Problem converting pse 6 catalog to pse 7

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I am a longtime pse user, I started with Album.  I have photos from a trip that I had in pse 6 on my laptop that I want to get into pse 7 on my desktop.  I have not found a lossless way to merge catalogs in pse so I have three catalogs.  I successful[More]

Problem in PSE 12 with moving tool

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Hi all, I have a problem in PSE 12: if I move something (e.g. text) with the mouse, it always jumps back to the original place. Does someone now a solution?Hi, We sincerely apologize for the problem that you have been facing while using a trackpad wi[More]

Fragmentation problems with PSE 11

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I have just installed PSE & Premier Elements 11 on Vista Ultimate. When I try to edit my photos they become fragmented and look like a jigsaw puzzle. This does not happen with PSE 10 on the same computer. Can anyone tell me why this occurs?  Could it[More]

Few problems with PSE 11

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Hi everybody, I have a problem with my PS Elements 11. I was working on trial and then decided to buy full version, however few things seems to work different than on my trial and I can't find solution. 1) When I copy one image to another it makes tr[More]

Catalog backup problems with PSE 11

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Hi, I'm having terrible problems trying to backup my catalog to an external hard drive. My PC is running Windows 7 with 8 GB of internal memory. My external hard drive is formatted to FAT 32 and has 130GB of spare capacity. My catalog is 45GB. I have[More]

How do I fix a problem with PSE 13 not being able to open my printer so I cannot print anything?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

PSE 12 Trial version worked fine with my printer but now I get errors like " the saved print information is an incompatible version.  It has been set to default values."  As well as, " default printer could not be opened."  I have Wind[More]

Problem With PSE-2 and New 1.5 TB Drive

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Hi all. First of all, I've been using my registered PSE-2 for several years with no problem. AMD Athalon 7750 dual core at 2.7 Ghz, 2.0 G Memory. WD 1.5 TB primary and WD 500 GB secondary drive.Win XP SP3. I recently had a drive fail and installed a[More]

Problems installing pse 8 on macbook pro

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I'm trying to install pse8 on my new Mac Book Pro and keep getting an error message saying that Firefox is running and I cannot install until that program is closed.  Only problem is firefox is not running.  Has anyone come across this problem before[More]

Problems with PSE 10 when saving for the web.

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I'm having problems saving for web with PSE 10. I edit in RAW, edit in PSE 10, save as Jpeg, resize and save for the web.  Results are muddled and not sharp (looks cartoonish). Also, there is no metadata when you look at the image properties.  I unin[More]

How do I get my iPhone to synch via USB cable with iTunes? I update my MS Outlook Calendar, click for it to synch in iTunes, but my calendar in the iPhone remains empty. Also, there are several podcasts which seem unplayable in my iPhone & I can't se [More]
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Users are able to pull multiple preview records from the campaign. When they pull the records they are unable to go back to the record which they wanted. This feature will also be helpful when an inbound call comes in when user is working on a previe [More]
Hi, when pressing the alt key, the bluetooth menu entry contains additional entries to start the bluetooth explorer or to start the bluetooth diagnostic tool. I have a MacBook running OS X Version 10.9.5 where this tools seem to be not installed. I h [More]
Hi Experts, To access session values in voimpl the below lines works fine. Map sessionScope = ADFContext.getCurrent().getSessionScope(); String userName = (String)sessionScope.get("userName"); Can any one please help me in getting the values fro [More]
Hi Techie's, How to find the total no. of users in the client ? is it possible ? i have tried out with the steps by viewing the table USR01,but i can't get the actual solution ? solutions rewarded! regards, S.RajeshkumarHi rajesh, You can use SU10, t [More]
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