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Process flow for IB

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Hi Everybody,                     Does anybody know or has a document or link which explains in  details how information broadcasting really works..I am not talking about how it is setup or configuration issues which I have already  gone through, but

Hi Everybody,
                    Does anybody know or has a document or link which explains in  details how information broadcasting really works..I am not talking about how it is setup or configuration issues which I have already  gone through, but in details,how when we create a new settting id using bex broadcaster, the same setting id gets created in BI system too..So if anybody could help me , I would really appreciate that.

The replay answer
Information broadcasting
Note 760775 - Settings for Information Broadcasting
Functions of Bex broadcaster
Information broadcasting process chain-
Information Broadcasting Through Process Chains
Hope it Helps

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RPE-01008: Recovery of this request is in progress in process flows.

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When a process flow activity takes a long time to run.

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How can I pass parameters from one process flow to another process flow?

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