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Qt freezes during play... constantly

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I upgraded to QT 7 and bought Pro, and ever since the image freezes often during play. I have to restart or redownload the movie to get it unstuck; sometimes changing Views (small to full screen) will nudge it. 10.3.9. This happens on both of my comp

I upgraded to QT 7 and bought Pro, and ever since the image freezes often during play. I have to restart or redownload the movie to get it unstuck; sometimes changing Views (small to full screen) will nudge it. 10.3.9. This happens on both of my computers: dual g5, and ibook.

The replay answer
QuickTime Player is designed to drop frames if the viewing machine can't process the data fast enough.
A two minute file that is 2.8 GB's in file size suggests a data rate that would exceed the playback abilities of nearly any modern machine.

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