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Quality of BT sport as a TV programme?

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Got no problems on this subkject with BT, the enablement of the channel nor the quality of the game picture, but what a poor show on Saturday afternoons. For some reason i really thought we'd have a competitor / challenge to Sky Sports, but aside fro

Got no problems on this subkject with BT, the enablement of the channel nor the quality of the game picture, but what a poor show on Saturday afternoons. For some reason i really thought we'd have a competitor / challenge to Sky Sports, but aside from the game, being shown , that's it! After the game - the fact that saturday football is going on around the country you woudn't know, where's the link to the games, updates to scores. a jeff sterland / Sky sports type programme. Its a pretty poor show, ESPN did this just as well? 

The replay answer
Agree with StewM's comment - do something different.
Bear in mind  Sky & the BBC both have highlight package rights to the footie games ... hence they will have camera feeds , commentary and other people at many games - so they can easily present a reasonable standard scores and results service.  You can get Final Score on 301 and BBc1 so you can watch it if you wish .  

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Quality of BT sport as a TV programme?

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Got no problems on this subkject with BT, the enablement of the channel nor the quality of the game picture, but what a poor show on Saturday afternoons. For some reason i really thought we'd have a competitor / challenge to Sky Sports, but aside fro[More]

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Multiple Use of BT Account to access BT Sport

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Source Rate Conversion

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NBA League Pass access via BT account

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No Spoilers on the Highlights service?

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