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R/3 table for BW

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hi i have to create one or more r/3 tables which will then be used as a source for bw reporting . the data that i have pertains to two kinds of business (say incoming and outgoing ) . for incoming , we have only cost information but for outgoing we h

i have to create one or more r/3 tables which will then be used as a source
for bw reporting . the data that i have pertains to two kinds of business
(say incoming and outgoing ) . for incoming , we have only cost information
but for outgoing we have both cost and revenue information .i am not sure
if i should create a single table for both incoming and outgoing business
information or should i create two different tables .incase , i create two
tables , the incoming table info will have 8 fields and outgoing will have
some more apart from these 8 .
can some one guide me what things should i consider before i design a single/
two tables for acting as source to bw .
all inputs welcome

The replay answer
  Basically , know the source table names and create a view and include these two tables in it  and select all the required fields in the View fields tab and then activate it. Upon this view create a data source and activate and connect this data source to BW infosource.
Hope it helps...

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