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Random songs won't play all the way through -- what's going on?

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A really annoying problem has developed with my iTunes. Recently, and with increasing frequency, it seems, random song files will, when added to my library, quit before the end. iTunes behaves as if the end of the song is reached and goes on to the n

A really annoying problem has developed with my iTunes. Recently, and with increasing frequency, it seems, random song files will, when added to my library, quit before the end. iTunes behaves as if the end of the song is reached and goes on to the next tune. This usually happens in the first 20 seconds or so, though there have been cases where it happens later (and maybe more where it would have happened if I had happened to listen further) as well as instances where only a fraction of a second of the song will play.
These files will play perfectly well in the Finder or in a browser. It appears that something happens to them when they are added to the library. I have had some success with simply using xattr to edit the metadata (what is edited doesn't seem to matter -- I was just trying lots of things) before copying to the iTunes library, but that doesn't always work. Sometimes, deleting the song from iTunes and re-adding it will eventually work (after around seven or eight tries, when it does -- super annoying!) Doing things to the original file (i.e., before it is "added") can seem to affect this behavior, though in unpredictable ways; but once it is added, there doesn't appear to be anything you can do.
So, my speculation is that something happens to the files when they are copied. If the file has been copied and is in the iTunes library, "create AAC/mp3 version" from the Advanced menu fails and displays error # -50. I can't find a definition for that error, but maybe someone knows? (Speaking of which, why IS it so difficult to find out what the error codes refer to? Is there a list somewhere? Because that would be pretty useful.)
(Also, btw, I have looked around for other solutions to this problem, and though I haven't found an answer, there have been others who have asked the question. The first answer usually given in these situations is to make sure the start/stop time boxes in the options aren't checked. Well, they aren't.)
Has anyone else experienced this, or know what's going on? TIA.

The replay answer
Are those songs variable bit rate?
It kinda sounds like you might need the VBR fix, although why they worked OK on your old PC. I'm not sure.
Here is a previous discussion about it

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