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Recovery problem on m30

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Hi . When i use my recovery cd , the message "Wrong machine " appear. but my recovery cd is original and it was work before. and i can't install anything in my machine , the message "error to open cab" is appeare on all software. Can a

Hi .
When i use my recovery cd , the message "Wrong machine " appear. but my recovery cd is original and it was work before. and i can't install anything in my machine , the message "error to open cab" is appeare on all software. Can any one help me Please ?!
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As far as I know this can happen if the mainboard is changed. Can you please tell us if the mainboard is changed at your unit? If yes contact please the service partner again and explain them the problem that you have.

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Recovery problem on m30

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Hi . When i use my recovery cd , the message "Wrong machine " appear. but my recovery cd is original and it was work before. and i can't install anything in my machine , the message "error to open cab" is appeare on all software. Can a[More]

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