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Dear all, Which user exit will trigger when we r working in IW22 tcode and putting notificaiton no and going to the next screen that time Causes  named one table control is there know , at which user exit that table control will trigger exactly when

Dear all,
Which user exit will trigger when we r working in IW22 tcode and putting notificaiton no and going to the next screen that time
Causes  named one table control is there know , at which user exit that table control will trigger exactly when we are making the entries in that table control?
Sankar M

The replay answer
Try the below user exits.
IWO10026 User check on setting status 'Do not perform'
IWO10027 User exit: Generate user-defined settlement rule
IWOC0001 Create PM/SM notification: Determine reference object
IWOC0002 PM/SM notification: Check whether status change is allowed
IWOC0003 PM/SM authorization check of ref. object and planner group
IWOC0004 Change single-level list editing PM/QM/SM ALV settings
Triggered on SAVE:
Goto Function Group XQQM.All the customer exits including BADI for notifications have been included in that FG.
Goto SPRO ->Plant Maintenance and Customer Service->System Enhancements and Date can find the exits along with documentation. Hope this helps you.

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Dear all, Which user exit will trigger when we r working in IW22 tcode and putting notificaiton no and going to the next screen that time Causes  named one table control is there know , at which user exit that table control will trigger exactly when[More]

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