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Reg: Problem  in XML PUBLISHER Report

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Hi all, I am working building report using xml publisher. Problem i facing was , *1. I created the template in RTF and attached to data definition* for eg: my rtf is sno item quantity price ( I created this field in table structure and mapped to xml

Hi all,
I am working building report using xml publisher. Problem i facing was ,
*1. I created the template in RTF and attached to data definition*
for eg: my rtf is
sno item quantity price ( I created this field in table structure and mapped to xml data)
Total Price ( this also i am getting from data definition)
The below is sample constant sentence for my client and typed just below Total Price ( field i mentioned above)
Inspected  By                                          Approved By     
________________________________     1)________________________________     Store Incharge : ______________________
________________________________       2)  ________________________________     Received           : _______________________
________________________________     3   ________________________________     Prepared  By    :             _______________________
2. When i ran the report, if my data definition return 5 lines means , i am getting PDF output Correctly in single page (1st page)
3) If my data definition returns lines more than 8 lines means, I am getting PDF output with Table structure values with item, in 1 st page and Constant sentence in 2nd page of PDF
4) If my data definition returns lines between 5 and 8 means, I am getting PDf output with table structure values with item and some of Constant sentence of my client in 1 st page and few of the constanst sentence in 2nd page.
Actually my need
Even if the data definitions exceeds more than 5 lines the constant sentence should be placed either in the first page or in the next page based on the no. of lines in the data definition.
How to resolve this... any approach most welcome. Wat changes i have to make.

The replay answer
Modified your code a little bit.Use this
    public int submitCPRequest(String shipmentId) {
    System.out.println("into submitCPRequest");
        OAPageContext pageContext;
        OAWebBean webBean;
    try {
OAApplicationModule am =pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
    OADBTransaction tx = (OADBTransaction)am.getOADBTransaction();
    java.sql.Connection pConncection = tx.getJdbcConnection();
    ConcurrentRequest cr = new ConcurrentRequest(pConncection);
    String applnName = new String("XXAPL"); //Application that contains the concurrent program
    System.out.println("ApplName"+ applnName);
    String cpName = new String("XXAPLPOSMPRD"); //Concurrent program name
    System.out.println("Concc Name"+ cpName);
    String cpDesc = new String(" APL PO Shipping Material Pickup Request"); // concurrent Program description
    // Pass the Arguments using vector
    // Here i have added my parameter headerId to the vector and passed the
    //vector to the concurrent program
    Vector cpArgs = new Vector();
    System.out.println("Args"+ cpArgs);
    // Calling the Concurrent Program
    int requestId = cr.submitRequest(applnName, cpName,cpDesc, null, false, cpArgs);
    cr.addLayout("XXAPL", "XXAPLPOSMPRT", "ENG", "US" , "RTF");
    System.out.println("Req Id"+ requestId);
    return requestId;
        catch (RequestSubmissionException e) {
        System.out.println("Into Exception");
        OAException oe = new OAException(e.getMessage());
        throw oe;
        catch(Exception exception)
        throw OAException.wrapperException(exception);

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