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hi all,     I have used adobe form in my webdynpro application and in that i have a table to display the values. My problem is while debugging the program multiple values are coming into the internal table but while displaying it is displayind only t

hi all,
    I have used adobe form in my webdynpro application and in that i have a table to display the values. My problem is while debugging the program multiple values are coming into the internal table but while displaying it is displayind only the last value in the form.
   Can anybody give me the solution how can i display multople values in the adobe form.
Thanks And Regards,
sreelatha gullapalli

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Hi Sreelatha,
Kindly check the occurence of Internal table i.e in properties of internal table give the value as '0...n'.
Kindly check this and get back to me incase of any queries.
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