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Regarding Reading the file from Application Server

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Hi, I am trying to read data from Application Server but due to special characters it is getting dumped out. US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),AA,0010,0001,01,Ver Mir para dimension# US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),AA,0010,0002,01,Area rectificada sin da#os ra US24,Q,Acer

I am trying to read data from Application Server but due to special characters it is getting dumped out.
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),AA,0010,0001,01,Ver Mir para dimension#
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),AA,0010,0002,01,Area rectificada sin da#os ra
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),AA,0010,0003,01,Ver Mir para dimension#
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),CD,0010,0001,01,ITPE Soken para verificacion
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),CD,0010,0010,01,No se permite desprendimiento
US24,Q,Acero (Carbon),CD,0010,0002,01,"Vernier, cinta metrica"#
In the last line it is going into dump due to special character ".
Please suggest.

The replay answer
You can check the mode in which you are reading the file
from application server that is
Open Dataset in Binary or Text Mode.
Hope it helps

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