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Relased SAP Versions Till Now

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Hi All, I want to know about all the released versions of SAP R/3 till now from the very beginning and in the relase order. I also want to know about the added features or upgrades done at each new release. Please help. Rgds, AvijitHi, Differences ar

Hi All,
I want to know about all the released versions of SAP R/3 till now from the very beginning and in the relase order. I also want to know about the added features or upgrades done at each new release.
Please help.

The replay answer
Differences are
1)SAP 4.7 has a more structured approach as compared to SAP 4.6C from a
technical perspective. It is based on technology, which is actually
the Web Application Server 6.2C. This not only includes SAP Basis Technologies
with their latest advancements but also the new features of SAP Web AS 6.20.
2) SAP 4.7 is more structured even from a functional perspective as this version
has been developed after functional and infrastructure developments of earlier
SAP R/3 4.6C.
3) In SAP 4.7 the functional and infrastructure developments are made on separate
levels. The functional developments are made in the Enterprise Extensions and
infrastructure developments are made in the Enterprise Core unlike SAP 4.6C in
which both the developments take place within the systems.
4) SAP in its Web AS has additional enhancements in the form of package concept,global parameterization with business configuration sets, Unicode complianceand accessibility that are not present in 4.6C.
5) SAP 4.7 Core supports the above-mentioned enhancements that SAP 4.6C doesnot.
6) SAP 4.7 unlike 4.6C has Enterprise Extensions that can be separately deployedand have their own releases.
Also u can check the differences like this.
T.code SPRO - IMG . Select the menu Additional Information select Release notes. U will come across icons like i having blue colour being added against the respective functionalities. If u check them u can see the differences.
Check the following links: (Functional prespective) --> mySAP Business Suite Applications --> mySAP ERP --> mySAP ERP 2005 --> Upgrade
For Functionality Differences pls refer to the below site -
After opening the site, please select the Source Release Version which is 4.6 b Then Select the Target Release Version which is "mySAP ERP 2005" or ECC 6.0
Select the Solution Area like Financials, Human Capital Management, Sales....
Select module like MM, PP, SD, QM.....
Click on Search
Then it displays the Release Version and the Delta Functionality. which can be downloaded to a word document if required.
and also check the release notes of ECC 6.0 in
Hope this helps you.
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