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Relative path for images in RTF templates

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Hi everybody! When I insert an image in a RTF template, I put its path into the web dialog, in order to see correctly the picture when I open the report from the xmlp server, in this way: url:{"http://servername/analytics/res/Images/image.bmp"}

Hi everybody!
When I insert an image in a RTF template, I put its path into the web dialog, in order to see correctly the picture when I open the report from the xmlp server, in this way: url:{"http://servername/analytics/res/Images/image.bmp"}
How can I make this path relative, in order to see the images even if the server name changes?
Thanks so!

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Hi Tim,
I am using BIP I am able to access system variable CURRENT_SERVER URL.
<[email protected]:CURRENT_SERVER_URL?>
<xsl:value-of select="$ CURRENT_SERVER_URL"/>
CURRENT_SERVER_URL is getting printed in BI Publisher. Value displayed is
Now we are importing xsl into RTF template. File aaa.xsl is stored at [BIP_Installation_Directory\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\default-web-app]
We have hardcoded the path for XSL in RTF. The path is <?import:>
As we want to set dynamic path we changed hardcoded xsl path to <?import: {$CURRENT_SERVER_URL}/../aaa.xsl?> but it is not working. Sometimes BIP is taking local path of MyDocuments folder and sometimes Desktop path. If I put that XSL file in MyDocuments folder or Desktop, it is working fine. But ideally it should refer [BIP_Installation_Directory\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\default-web-app] path...
Amit D

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Hi everybody! When I insert an image in a RTF template, I put its path into the web dialog, in order to see correctly the picture when I open the report from the xmlp server, in this way: url:{"http://servername/analytics/res/Images/image.bmp"}[More]

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