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Release actual cost in Material Ledger

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Dear Experts I want to copy the actual cost of period 1 to be standard of period 2. I did the following activities: 1- I run all steps for standard cost estimates for year 2012 and released the standard cost estimate for periods 1-12. 2- On January 2

Dear Experts
I want to copy the actual cost of period 1 to be standard of period 2.
I did the following activities:
1- I run all steps for standard cost estimates for year 2012 and released the standard cost estimate for periods 1-12.
2- On January 2012, I did all steps in CKMLCP up to post closing. This is done mid night 12:01 (01.02.2012).
3-  I run marking CKMPRPN, I checked "Manual Date" 01.02.2012 and in "Rule Maintenance" I selected "Perioic unit price in previous period. There was no error but when I check MM03 for a specific material there is nothing in coulumn "Future Price"
4-  I run CKME and got error  "C+811"
Please advise how to copy actual PUP to be standard of next period.
Ahmed Zain

The replay answer
Dear Maria
Taking all the above contribution in consideration, they are valuabe. Yours has hit my direct problem. I need the following calrifications, please :
1-  In CKMLCP is it a must that marking and release of PUP takes place after "Post Closing Step" or I need to do them right away after "Revaluation of consumption step" , then do post closing? in other words, does the PUP will be calcuated after this step b"Revaluation"  and can be subject to carry forward for next period. If this is true then we can select manually the next period and do the post closing.
2-  My understanding to note 666681 is that, by the end of current period "Feb, 2012", I do  all CKMLCP steps up to post closing, then I mark PUP - select manual date 01.03.2012  ( correct me whether it will be 01.03.2012 or 01.04.2012). If I check MM03 for any material I can see PUP in Future colunmn in costing 2 view. By the end of Period 3, I will run CKME for the marked PUP and so on...
Your torsh is required to throw more light in this corner, please

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