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Release stratergy scenarios

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hi friends, My client require following, They have twenty thousand materials..., in that five thousand materials are high value materials. they need release procedure for these 5000 materials only... is it possible at Purchase order level or purchase

hi friends,
My client require following,
They have twenty thousand materials..., in that five thousand materials are high value materials.
they need release procedure for these 5000 materials only...
is it possible at Purchase order level or purchase requisition level??
kindly help the scenario

The replay answer
hi raj,
You can set up a release procedure under several criteria s. Under your scenario if those materials are under one material group then assign it to a characteristic with material group classification at release procedure. Then you can give relevant material groups to be activated by a release procedure (look CEKKO table for allowed fields for release procedure).
You can create a characteristic using CT04 and assign it to the relevant class. You can assign relevant material groups using CL24N later on.
And if you want a field which is not there in CEKKO, you can use APPEND STRUCTURE to add your desired field. And then you can assign it to CT04.
Assign it to PR or PO release is according to your requirement of the business. If they want to control it at PR level (Inhouse procurement level) or PO level (Order process).
thanks & BR

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