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Repeated Overlapped Extent Allocation

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I recently began having problems with "Overlapped Extent Allocation" errors on my hard drive on my "Late 2010" MacBook Air. When it first happened, I formatted the drive, reinstalled OSX 10.7, and restored my data. Within a month or so

I recently began having problems with "Overlapped Extent Allocation" errors on my hard drive on my "Late 2010" MacBook Air. When it first happened, I formatted the drive, reinstalled OSX 10.7, and restored my data. Within a month or so, the drive was corrupted again with the same errors. So, I replaced the hard drive, reinstalled OSX, and restored my data. Now, only a couple weeks after doing this, I am having the same problem yet again. What could be causing this to happen so frequently?

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I've already replaced the drive and it's doing the same thing on the new drive. I suppose it's possible that I got a bad drive, but it's hard to imagine it having exactly the same error as the previous drive.

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Repeated Overlapped Extent Allocation

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I recently began having problems with "Overlapped Extent Allocation" errors on my hard drive on my "Late 2010" MacBook Air. When it first happened, I formatted the drive, reinstalled OSX 10.7, and restored my data. Within a month or so[More]

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