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Hi, I have around 20 reports that need to be exported as pdf. I have to burst all the reports at once to a directory. I have an apex application that has all the report details. The user wants to have all the reports bursted to the directory at once

I have around 20 reports that need to be exported as pdf. I have to burst all the reports at once to a directory. I have an apex application that has all the report details. The user wants to have all the reports bursted to the directory at once when the user selects the reports he want to burst and clicks a button or a url to tigger bursting in BI Publisher. How can I do this?
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use BIP web-services for this and see this forum how to schedule the report.
have a script to run it based on user action.
make it as a servlet and give url to users.
make a UI in apex for the report selection.
these inputs will call the java( BIP webservices and API) which will schedule the reports.
Write custom java code , which uses the BIP web-services and make it as a url
Re: Run BI Publisher from the command line through a shell script
Re: Run BI Publisher from the command line through a shell script
BIP has provided a webservice,
One of the function is to run or schedule a report.
Write a simple Java program, which will look at the server and point to run the report you wanted.
some more doc's

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