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Report for Partial Invoice and pendinf Invoices

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Hi all, We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option. We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available. thanks, Prashant Rathorehi,

Hi all,
We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option.
We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available.
Prashant Rathore

The replay answer
check ME2N or ME2M with proper selection paramter value...
and get results...
check PO history EKBE table...

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Report for Partial Invoice and pendinf Invoices

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Hi all, We need a report for Partial Invoices /Pending Invoices done w.r.t. Purchase Orders with PO document type as one of the selection option. We have tried ME80FN, please suggest if there is any other report available. thanks, Prashant Rathorehi,[More]

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