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Does anyone know if the Macbook supports a second monitor in portrait mode using extended desktop mode? Will   Windows 2000  Yes it will. I just did it with my old 15" DVI Apple Flat Screen Studio Display. This suggests to me that the video hardware

Does anyone know if the Macbook supports a second monitor in portrait mode using extended desktop mode?
  Windows 2000  

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Yes it will. I just did it with my old 15" DVI Apple Flat Screen Studio Display. This suggests to me that the video hardware supports it, which means one should be able to do it on the built-in MacBook screen. I have sucessfully done it temporarily using SMSRotateD from, but it will not stay in portrait mode.

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Rotated Displays and Screen Resolution

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I have two displays (NEC 1740CX) connected to the 7300 in the Mac Pro by DVI. Both displays are rotated vertically. One is set for 270 deg rotation, the other for 90 deg rotation. The resolution for both displays is set to 600x800. But for some reaso[More]

Rotate display?

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I just need a simple script to rotate my MAIN DISPLAY ONLY clockwise, and then another script to restore it to standard orientation. I found this great script which does most of what I want, but it does it to BOTH displays (I have two displays but I[More]

Rotate Display in Gnome on wayland

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So the question; is it currently possible to rotate displays in a (dual) display configuration under gnome via wayland?  It is clearly possible under xorg, via randr, but this results in horrible screen tearing on the rotated display when scrolling w[More]

Using external LG monitor with 180 degrees rotated display

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Hey everyone, I just got a 19" widescreen LG monitor and I have it mounted upside down, so I rotated the display 180 degrees. However, when I move my mouse over links, the arrow jumps a little and is incredibly aggrivating. Has anyone seen this probl[More]

Rotate display is gone  from Display-Preferences

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I've had my new MacBook for a week connected to a DVI Samsung 17" LCD monitor. A couple of days ago I lost the portrait mode on the Samsung and checked the Diplay control in System Preferences. The Rotate tool is gone and only "show display in m[More]

Rotate display for portrait mode?

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I'd like to rotate the display orientation on my 15" MBP so that I can read documents in portrait mode while holding the laptop sideways. I found some tips instructing me to hold the option key down while selecting the displays pane in system prefere[More]

After rotate, display of large JPEG images very slow.

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I am loading and displaying images using JAI and Java2D. When I load a large grayscale JPEG image (300 dpi, letter size), it displays fine. After a rotate, the next display is incredibly slow. Source is a RenderedImage loaded from a JPEG file using:[More]

T60p - unable to rotate display after installing win xp sp3

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Hi, I am using WinXP on my T60p. Just installed WinXP sp3 and am now unable to rotate the display using the ATI Catalyst control center. I have the latest driver from Lenovo installed (dated 31 jan 2008). There are no drivers to be found at ATI for t[More]

HP monitor doesn't rotate display when monitor rotated

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I am using a new (to me) HP Optiplex with  windows 7 professional installed.  I installed the drivers for the existing HP w2408h 24" Monitor from the HP website.  It is supposed to rotate the display to the vertical position when the monitor is rotat[More]

Air2 iPad rotate display lock?

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AAll my other iPads had a switch near the volume buttons, the air2 does not. How do I stop the display rotation ?You need to pull the Control Center up and tap the lock rotation icon.Read other 4 answers[More]

Can Tiger rotate display?

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I have a monitor that can pivot, so that it is oriented as either landscape or portrait. However, it doesn't communicate to the CPU to tell it which way it's oriented (like the iPhone does). Is there a way to instruct Tiger to rotate the pixel mappin[More]

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