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Satellite L505-13W shows Blue screen error

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My laptop SATELLITE L505-13W Shows blue screen error. The os gets booted up and after some time it shows a blue screen error and restarts. On restart it asks for repair, even after succesfull repair it showed the same error. So i tried to recover usi

My laptop SATELLITE L505-13W Shows blue screen error.
The os gets booted up and after some time it shows a blue screen error and restarts.
On restart it asks for repair, even after succesfull repair it showed the same error.
So i tried to recover using the recovery cd but it proved to be a tragedy.
It eraced my full HDD to stone age and smiled at me saying recovery is not possible.
please help me.......

The replay answer
If the notebook cannot be recovered using the recovery disk, then all this smells like hardware problem.
Are you sure that your recovery disk is OK?
Did you try to install the OS using other installation disk?
Maybe this would be useful to check if the issue might be related to the faulty recovery disk but if the BSOD (blue screen of death) appeared before the OS installation, then I would say the issue might be caused by internal hardware malfunction
It would be necessary to check the RAM modules and the HDD.
HDD can be checked using the HDD diagnostic software like Drive Fitness Test (freeware)
RAM could be checked using a tools like memtest but you need a running systemso in this case you cannot check the RAM using a software I recommend removing one module and testing the notebook using one module in each slot

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