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Seeburger Adapter Payload & XML Structure for AS2

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Does anyone have a sample AS2 message with payload that I can use to test the Seeburger AS2 adapter for a customer in the UK? Thanks in advanceHi Frederic we will be receiving Tradacoms over AS2.  I understand that the Seeburger adatper uses the modu

Does anyone have a sample AS2 message with payload that I can use to test the Seeburger AS2 adapter for a customer in the UK?
Thanks in advance

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Hi Frederic
we will be receiving Tradacoms over AS2.  I understand that the Seeburger adatper uses the modules from BIC to convert to XI-SOAP ( XML ), but we need to have the schema created for us to construct the data types or to import external definitions into IR.  I would like an actual AS2 message without header and signature if possible or a schema version of the tradacoms messsage format for EPOS data.  Or if applicable the mapping program that the BIC module will call from the Seeburger adapter.  I have the config guide for the BIC, so I know where to configure, but I need the mappping program which will create the XML prior to sending to XI.
I can send you a sample EDI message ( which will be the attachment ) if you give me your email address.

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Seeburger Adapter Payload & XML Structure for AS2

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Does anyone have a sample AS2 message with payload that I can use to test the Seeburger AS2 adapter for a customer in the UK? Thanks in advanceHi Frederic we will be receiving Tradacoms over AS2.  I understand that the Seeburger adatper uses the modu[More]

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