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Setting up Acrobat XI Pro issues

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In the final part of installing Acrobat XI Pro, I am asked for the serial number and to select the version from a down down list. I have the SN and typed it into the field. Problem is, Acrobat XI Pro is NOT on the listing.  I have added this download

In the final part of installing Acrobat XI Pro, I am asked for the serial number and to select the version from a down down list. I have the SN and typed it into the field. Problem is, Acrobat XI Pro is NOT on the listing.  I have added this download to My Adobe listing of downloads, but it will not update to include XI into the list . . . Can you help?

The replay answer
you have the acrobat pro xi installation file downloaded onto your computer?
if yes, after you start the installation, it stops somewhere for user input?
if yes, attach a screenshot showing where it stops (usually a panel for you to enter your serial number) but if you're presented with a panel with a combobox/dropdown show that,

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In the final part of installing Acrobat XI Pro, I am asked for the serial number and to select the version from a down down list. I have the SN and typed it into the field. Problem is, Acrobat XI Pro is NOT on the listing.  I have added this download[More]

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