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Spry Menu - Horizontal

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Website that's being worked on :: I'm not sure really where to post this so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place. In firefox [of course] everything works as it should..but in IE [which sadly I have to code this to work in]

Website that's being worked on ::
I'm not sure really where to post this so I'm sorry if it's
in the wrong place.
In firefox [of course] everything works as it should..but in
IE [which sadly I have to code this to work in] the sub menu
appears at the top of the screen, not next to the parent that calls
Please help!

The replay answer
Anyone? Please!

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Spry Menu - Horizontal

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Website that's being worked on :: I'm not sure really where to post this so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place. In firefox [of course] everything works as it should..but in IE [which sadly I have to code this to work in][More]

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