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SSO singe sign on with OC4j

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I used the following steps to enable Sign sign on user authentication for my J2EE application (myapp) deployed in OC4j Infrastructure : OC4j + HTTP Server ( SSO+OID : in a remote site 1) I deployed my app to oc4j 2) registered my HTTP Server

I used the following steps to enable Sign sign on user authentication for my J2EE application (myapp) deployed in OC4j
Infrastructure :
OC4j + HTTP Server (
SSO+OID : in a remote site
1) I deployed my app to oc4j
2) registered my HTTP Server with osso (SSO server)
3) Move osso.conf to the apache folder and ran osso1013 script
4) enabled security provider SSO in the jazn-data.xml
<jazn provider="LDAP">
<jazn-web-app auth-method="SSO"/>
security roles and users configured in orion-application.xml, jazn-data.xml.
My app at http://localhost:7777/myapp/ is not redirecting to the SSO page. It is happening only when I configure
<Location /myapp >
AuthType Basic
require valid-user
in mod_sso.conf.
Is it absolutely mandatory ? Is there any other way so that I do not have to configure Location in mod_osso.conf ?
Kindly advice,

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Note.397180.1          How to configure a J2EE application using OC4J to use Java SSO:
Note.377271.1          Configure OC4J to Use LDAP Authentication Using OID for J2EE Applications:

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SSO singe sign on with OC4j

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