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StackTrace -error in init

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Hi , When does one get a error as this ,      at MyException.<init>(<      at MyClass.<init>(Compiled Code)      at MyServlet.doPost(Compiled Code) MyException is my own custom exception .Line 24 is the line of the publi

Hi ,
When does one get a error as this ,
     at MyException.<init>(<
     at MyClass.<init>(Compiled Code)
     at MyServlet.doPost(Compiled Code)
MyException is my own custom exception .Line 24 is the line of the public constructor for the class.
MyClass is a class called by the Servlet ,MyServlet in doPost.
I want to determine the code section/method where exception is thrown in MyClass . The stack says that MyServlet threw the excepion in DoPost . But nothing is said about MyClass . Only an <init> symbol appears .
How do I determine the code segments /method throwing the erorr in MyClass. What significance does the <init> symbol hold.
All ideas welcome.

The replay answer
<init> means the constructor of the class - so the exception was thrown somewhere in the constructor of MyClass. Any more exact location, like the line number in the source, isn't available since the code was already compiled to native code by the JIT compiler.
To get more details you could try running the code in interpreted mode (if possible) or track the error with a bunch of "System.out.println"s - or use a debugger of one is available.

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Hi , When does one get a error as this ,      at MyException.<init>(<      at MyClass.<init>(Compiled Code)      at MyServlet.doPost(Compiled Code) MyException is my own custom exception .Line 24 is the line of the publi[More]

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