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I have an HP 7210 connected to my network via a router, and am trying to add it to my mac mini.  When adding the printer, on the "Default" tab the fax is discovered fine, but the printer is not.  I've tried to force the printer to be added by se [More]
How to connect 27" imac to a hdtv (samaung UN55B7000) and use it as a second monitor?Guy, I've a done a similar connection between my TV & iMac 27" and I do get both audio and video out from the TV, when connected.  I works flawlessly, when [More]
Hello!! Work in a project in JAVA where I use network, would like to know if it is possible after I to trace a route I to show the direction of a point until the other, for example (It turns the right in the street-, it turns the left in the street-, [More]
How do i Fix this problemHello, '''Try Firefox Safe Mode''' to see if the problem goes away. Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most add-ons. ''(If you're not using it, switch to the Default theme.)'' * You can open Firefox 4.0+ in S [More]
I need some help, if possible... I'm exporting a file from InDesign to PDF, then converting the PDF in FP to a Flashpaper document... every 10th line of text or so is really poor quality, like it is aliased or something... anyone else having an issue [More]
I have just bought a E815 and was able to set it up to use my Macbook's Bluetooth capabilities (though Bluetooth Setup), however when I try to isync it, it tells me connection to the phone failed. Whyy!!! So I bought a motorola chord (AAKN4011A), aft [More]
As of last night safari started doing this in Youtube where half of the video will appear white! It will go away if I enter full screen and back. I've tried every thing to correct this issue and no luck. I have reinstalled safari, deleted the cache, [More]
Have followed the instructions, but to no avail.Do you have a dictionary installed or selected? (See attached image.) Have you enabled spell checking under [,_Linux,_and_Mac Tools|Options]|Composit [More]
I keep getting the message that my credit card security code doesn't match?Is the address on your iTunes account exactly the same (format and spacing etc) as on your credit card bill : ? If it is then you could try [More]
I created a file in a grad course two years ago using DW MX 2004. It was part of a webquest, and I am finalizing it for my final master's project, along with the rest of my site. In tweaking the page, I discovered that the top of the page was moving [More]