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i have an ipod classic 160 GB, with disk mode enabled. When i connect it to the mac mini, it calls up iTunes. but then the message comes up that ipod can't be recognized. So i have restored it (using the latest updates, by connecting to the net) and [More]
First, I must explain I am a beginner and have been having difficulty executing a successful watermark procedure, specifically making original line drawing art a watermark. I recently ordered Photoshop For Dummies online. The best help I have found i [More]
Hi All , Could you please tell me is there any Function Module to read User which does not exit , actually there is a requirement in the report of Valid user before it is going to select user Bname from USR02 Table , the user data is there in table u [More]
After Press buy, message is add three security questions. But when i goto and manage my account, it has one security question and i don't see where to add more. Or why 3 in addition to the one I see already within my account? Thank you!Welcome to the [More]
My purchSED SONGA re spread out over 3 computers. How do I retrieve all yhe music I've paid for one one computerMove the song files to one as you would any other files, or click here and follow the instructions. (85907)Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi. I installed EP6 SP 13 with KMC and configure collaboration feature. I tested application sharing and It works. Then, I found problem. Problem is that application sharing server doesn't support 1400x1050 display resolution. (only works till 1280x1 [More]
I want to generate a xml file with text from a txt file but i have problems with special characters such as &, <... I'd like to know if there�s any class or library to filter the text in order to generate my xml without problems. Thank you.If you a [More]
Our domain controllers are running Server 2008 R2 and we have updated the schema to 2012 R2, version 69.  Do we also have to run TpmSchemaExtension.ldf and TpmSchemaExtensionACLChanges.ldf to enable Bitlocker to backup to AD on Windows 8/8.1?  If so, [More]
Hi, I need sytax to submit a job Right now I am using this code to send 4 parameters. I need to send these 4 in a structure. <b>submit Ztestjob USER sy-uname       via job p_jobnm       number p_jobcount       with afko-rsnum eq afko-rsnum       wit [More]
* A few times my media has been to big to fit the Disc (DVD & Bluray 25) when I export multiple Sequences from Premiere CC via AME to Encore CS6. Other times it looks like I could have upped the Bitrate/Quality Settings a little bit more and it would [More]