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I'm working through a "HelloWorld" setup of Weblogic ( and OSB ( using OEPE I have a OSB Project with a Weblogic Web Service. I've generated a WSDL and when I try to copy/paste or drag-and-drop or load the WSDL fi [More]
Hi Experts, Reversing Landed Cost document with more than one vendor: My client can reverse a landed cost document with One Vendor, but cannot with multiple vendors. I have also tested this in 8.8 PL10. Here is a brief description: Created Landed cos [More]
Hello, I have an issue with my adaptive noise cancellation program. Essentially I want to input a custom wav add noise to it and then filter the noise away in order to gain the custom wav again. While doing so I want to read the learning curve and re [More]
Alright please help.. I have tried everything, been fooling around with this in the past 5 hours and its not going anywhere :( . Here is what i have. : I have 6 menu buttons... Button 4 is what i am concentrating on. at the moment here is the current [More]
Ipad mini screen keeps moving around as though someone else is fiddling with it while I am using it. Any ideas what is goi g on?Hi Deeveeay, Try resetting the device (nothing will be lost): Hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time and co [More]
I bought a display port (male) to HDMI (male) cable to connect my Elitebook 2560p to Samsung TV. Tv screen says "No Signal" please check cable connections, but everything is connected well. Still does not work after choosing 2nd screen and/or Fn [More]
Hi All, I want to add Birthday list report to the reporting section in MSS. Right now I have  ee due to retire report, I want to deactivate this report and add standard Report " Birthday List". Please guide. Checked PPMDT, there is no brthday li [More]
I just bought a mini. I had no idea my FCP HD would not work on this computer. Very bummed. I cannot seem to find an upgrade, only the 800 dollar full versions. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! IXI assume that by "FCP HD" you mean vers [More]
Where can I find the audio  version of the book about Steve Jobs? Thanks other 2 answers [More]
hi all, i am trying to print events from iCal... Using the list option. It is showing dates with no events. Is there a way to just show dates with events? tia - vijayHi there. Yeah, I don't think there is a way to print in list form and not show the [More]