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First of all, this is not a virus. This is my a bug within windows explorer itself. So, I added the properties button to the QAT, and it displayed it as an expandable menu, like this: ";" but with small arrows like this: ">". didn't [More]
Hi everyone, We are moving from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g database. I have a query which in Oracle 1g takes 85 seconds to run, but when I run the same query in Oracle 11g database, it takes 635 seconds. I have confirmed that all indexes on tables invo [More]
  Model: mc297c Type: Classic Size: 160 GB Colour: Black Version: 2.0.4 PC Serial: 8LO******ZU Problem: Video will skip. Audio continues as normal, but the video is like it is fast-forwarding. Also, the timer in the bottom just goes up, like a stopwa [More]
I just got this iPhone today and have never plugged it into the computer yet. I plug it in and nothing happens so I look through the articles here and do what they say. Still nothing, but then I get onto one that says you have to restore it. I try to [More]
Is there really still no way to do get rid of these horrible stripes in list view finder windows? After all the complaints about them? Or has anyone found a way? (Or has apple granted one in one of the last updates?)esa ceduti wrote: What is green ba [More]
Hi I want to reset a customer payment (only reset). I noticed that the system reset and reverse the payment document (that was done using F-28) without asking if I want to reset it or to reset and revese it. I know that in this case (FBRA for a payme [More]
Hi, I am seeing following exception when enabling custom component in UCM 11g (through component manager). Any pointers on what could be the issue. intradoc.common.ServiceException: !csComponentDataNotFound, DV_Eloqua After enabling when i restart th [More]
I need Adobe AIR on my Samsung GT-S5570 Android 2.3.6 GINGERBREAD. Following your information it should work. But I always get the message "Uw apparaat is niet compatibel met deze versie" Can you help me?I would recommend you post your inquiry i [More]
I am new to oracle financials (HR). I need to create a report, which retrieves employee (hourly) weekly hours by work hours, overtime hours, double time, etc. Few questions: Is there a standard report available in HR module for this? which tables has [More]
What is the font that pages falls back to when the font selected is not english. For example when I choose Apple Braile or Baghdad fonts, it falls back to some english font. I like the font it falls back to a lot and was wondering which one it is.I a [More]