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0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER extractor.

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Hi all, I'm currently support our BW HR reporting and have some question regard HR org unit extractor for the hierarchy. When I check the available hierachies I can only see one org unit hierachy. Should I be able to see more if more than 1 org unit[More]

0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER  Status Tab Green/Details Tab Overall Status Red

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Hello,   We have been loading the Organization Hierarchy for quite awhile. Somewhere along the way, the following started happening. The <b>Monitor</b> shows the InfoPackage load as <b>green</b> (successful). The <b>Status Ta[More]

Uploading HierarchyData from a flatfile in 2.0B

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Hi All, Can Anyone help me on "How to Upload HierarchyData from a flatfile in 2.0B". I want to upload three levels data . Orgunit>Position>Person . I am confused, how should i maintained columns order in flatfile and in BW side. Pls clarif[More]

How to extract Org.unit Hierarches in BI 7.0

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Hi experts, I am developing HCM BI reports, right now I am into Org management and Personnel Administration, I am new to HCM. my doubts are clarified in existing discussions in the forum. queries: 1) how to create hierarchies of Org. units in BI 7.0[More]

How to extract driver to install in Windos 7

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Hi guys I have a proyect that I will like someone to help me out with, and it's as follow I own a Thunderbolt display also a 2011 McMini and I buit a PC with a ASUS P8Z77-V Premium MB which have a thunderbolt port buid in. Now I have connect the thun[More]

How to view the Hierarchy called 'ORGEH'  created in CRM

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Hi How we can view the full hierarchy called 'ORGEH' created in CRM. Thanks in Advance. Sarah.In BI (RSA1 --> Modeling --. InfoProvider), expand node for 0ORGUNIT --> here u can see organizational unit (Hierarchies)... If u double click this, u can[More]

Organizational Data on the User - Master Data

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Folks, I want to extract and load data from the datasources: 0CRM_HR_UNAME_ORG - Organizational Data on the User 0CRM_POSITION_ATTR - CRM Position Master Data. But I unable to locate the required infosources. The datasources are present but do not ha[More]

HR master data Hierarchies

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Hi Experts, I am implementing HR(Personnal Administation & Organizational Management) first time. For any master data Is it require to maintaine Hierarchies for masterdata. If require can u please give me the list of those. Regards, SridharHi Sridhar[More]

Error 5 occurred when transferring an IDoc to the Business Information War

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Hello friends, We are getting the following error while loading orgunit hierarchy data  from R/3 to BW. Error 5 occurred when transferring an IDoc to the Business Information Warehouse. Error in send SEND_HIERARCHY_20 of the hierarchy table We have t[More]

How to load HR Organizational Structure to BW Hierarchy

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In R/3 organization and staffing transaction (PPOME), each position or person is assigned to a organization unit. I want to load this entire organizational structure to BW Hierarchy. Currently i'm using the standard extractor 0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER, i su[More]


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Hi, I have been trying to use the above exit to extend the 0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER datasource to add additonal position details from the table HRP1001 and changing the structure c_t_hienode in the exit. The problem is its not been uploaded in BW. Is there[More]

Do we have any standard InfoObject to get org unit information?

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Hi, Do we have any standard infoobject to get org unit information and it's hierarchy? Regards, AksharaYes, there is a standard info object - 0ORGUNIT and it have standard hierarchy also. at ECC side, T CODE - RSA5, please search for it. Data source[More]

0orgunit hierarchy

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Hi Friends, Can anyone please give me step by step how to configure or wht datasource has to be replicated in order to get the organizational structure for a company.....I need this urgently.....plzzzzHi dear, go to RSA5 transaction in your source sy[More]

HR Datasources

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Hi All, What are the standard datasources available for HR? I am specificaly looking for employee attendance information. Even backend tables would be helpful for me. Regards,Hi, These are the data sources are avialbel in hr 1     PA-PA     Personnel[More]

it is only on my laptop as i have tried my work computer and that is fine.yeah tried all that. the only thing that i havent tried is to delete itunes completely and restart. its the same with the ipad. i havent done a master reset. i just think it ha [More]
My E71 has stopped allowing me to post any pictures to the web using Ovi Share. Every time I try to upload a pic I get a message saying - One or more media items discarded because service provider does not support them. Thanks for any help in advance [More]
Hello everyone, I freshly installed the latest SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial from scratch and like to configure ALE. I followed thew steps of (ALE Quick Start) but cann [More]
I've tried to play the 3gpp format video's with WMP & VLC with no luck. I've tried a half dozen codecs including Essentials Codec Pack, and even tried the VZ Navigator interface as well as PC Suite but nothing works for the JEST. Even Pantech hasn't [More]
Hi , Currently we are in a migration project from weblogic 8.1 to weblogic 10.2 integration. In 8.1 we have used the TaskSeclector .However in 10.2 it is depricated.So we were tying to use the TaskQuery. However while using TaskQuery we are getting u [More]
Hi I am trying 1099 listing for 2009(T.Code S_ALR_87012143), but no report is getting generated.where i have to check? Thanks in advance! HariHi Hariharen, Did you check whether you have given the right 1099 Reporting Type.Else check it in SPRO. Fina [More]
Hi SAP Expert, i need to prepared functional spec for  Material Ageing Report. i'd like to have some samples for func spec (if any) ? and i would like to know if i what to prepared the functional   spec for Material Ageing Report , which table a invo [More]
Hi All,       The IDoc gets created with error status 02. The error occured in the production system. We have not got this error for the last 7 months since we went live and we have not made any changes either.       The following is the error messag [More]
Hello, I have one main dashboard which have "year" prompt with drop down and variaous links & also some reports. And we have same year prompt on another dashboards only difference is, this prompt is editable not drop down. The requirement is [More]
i cannot find a good link any hwere on this subject..... which means i am not looking in the right place.  If anyone knows of a tutorial or somthing that can help pleas let me know... thanks,i cannot find a good link any hwere on this subject..... wh [More]