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I'm using a macbook pro from 2009 and I have the install cd fro 10.6 but no drive. So i'm kind of stuck.Buy an external Superdrive. It doesn't have to be Apple's, virtually any model that can connect to your Mac will work.Read other 2 answers [More]
Purchased this laptop as it was supposed to be reliable. After 18 VERY basic use the screen started to black intermittently until 3 months ago it failed completely; I now use an external flat screen(had that for 4 years! no problem). Now I have notic [More]
Hello, I know that I can enable Broadcast in the WLC using CLI( config network broadcast enable ). Can I do it in the Web Interface? Regards.HI, Ok now I got ur point. Here is the GUI Procedure to do it . Controller > General > enable the Broadcasti [More]
Hi All, Having a problem with Crystal 11 / BOXI. I have a Cross Tab working fine that has four Row groupings (labels on the left). In Preview mode, it looks as expected. Row #1 label appears on line 1. Row #1 label shows blank on line 2,3,4 etc until [More]
Here's the deal: I used Entourage for a long time but with my new MacBook I decided to give Mail a try. It's good, but I'm having a problem that I can't solve, so I'm thinking on going back to Entourage. I manage 4 POP accounts. The first one is my c [More]
hy everyone. I am a beginner in using BI Publisher APIs. I want to generate a model data from a class. I implement the JARs defined in the documentation . when I want to use a DataProcessor it is not recognized, apparently I need a jar can you indica [More]
getting: Error occurred on line nn: oracle.mtg.sybase12.parser.ParseException: Parse error at line nn, column 1. Encountered: looks like this happens for every proc/trigger that has a blank line at the end of its text. anyone know of any fix/workarou [More]
I cannot open pages on my MacBookPro. I get a message to update it. In my software update in the apple menu drop down, it shows no updates at this time. I have iWork '09.You have 2 versions of Pages on your Mac. Pages 5 is in your Applications folder [More]
My Imac loses the wireless connection all the time. Problem has been getting worse last couple of weeks. We have no problems with the other laptops, they seem to stay connected fine(apple). ThanksI have a17inch intel imac that has the exact same issu [More]
Hi, Hi I have a table - audit with the following fields org_id number, grn_n number, ed_eff_m timestamp(6), data org_grp_i grn_n ed_eff_m 3 1 07/21/2006 12:21:16 Am I want to update ed_eff_m with 07/21/2006 00:00:00 for the above. But when i update t [More]