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Does somebody know how to uninstall 10.4.8? I've been having problems with my MacBook LCD (white point and brightness) since I installed it. MacBook 1.83 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  [I tried to re-edit my previous message to replace it with this one, bu [More]
Hi all with regards to Murrays reply to my message in HTML Discussion, i have a problem with my site i uploaded it to test it out on my server and it works fine on Internet Explorer, but when i visit the site with Mozilla Firefox its comes up where t [More]
I have been charging my ipad over 40 minuets and its only charged 7%. Is this right?Are you charging with the charger included with the retail box? If not other Apple charges may take longer to charge the iPad... [More]
Hello, Is there any seeded API to load dependent certification records? Requirement: Customer maintaining spread sheet or Table that has dependent information and certification type and receipt date; Is there any way to load these data into Oracle wi [More]
Hi all We receive pdfs from all over and do some basic checks with acrobat pro One of these checks is to check for 4Col black text using output previewer The output previewer is set to US web coated (swop) v2 by default. We have had a pdf in and the [More]
Hai , i faced one problem i.e i sent sendor structure through  asunchronous communication but in my sendor side having problem so where can i find the problem  and  after rectifying the problem can i sent the same data through synchronous communicati [More]
Hi all, We are facing a problem with a printer HP LaserJet 1505.When we try printing in SAP,it is not printing.We have also added a device type in SAP for that particular printer downloading it from the vendor's site.Spool request and out request sho [More]
Hi all, I installed EAS 11.1.1 While configuring essbase server, I specified "Deploy Essbase in standalone mode" As I understand it relates to Essbase server not to Administration Server. When I see in EAS console -> Administration Servers -& [More]
Hi, friends, I have created a very simple WDA application. WDA has 3 elements in the view: - InputField FLD1 - button "Submit" - PDF form of type ZCI with XML based Interface. The PDF form has a text field TF1 bind to FLD1. At runtime On click b [More]
I have a 54 min iMovie project.  It is starting to crash each time I try to make new edits.  Could the crashing be due to the length?  What can I do to keep it from closing mid-edit?  Please help.Apple made iDVD go away. IDVD remains very popular in [More]