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Error opening PDF on photoshop error code 0X20030055

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Hi you all, I desperaly need help. I've created a pdf file (with illustrator cs3). when I try to open it on photoshop CS3 I receive this message: "error opening the portable document file (PDF) document. error code = 0X20030055" I did not find a[More]

Error code = 0x20030055

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Im trying to open PDF files into Photohop cs3 but it comes up with error code = 0x20030055 and i cant find anything online to help me fix this error, thanksis this any help? Adobe Photoshop Version: 10.0 (10.0x20070321 [20070321.m.1480 16:39:00 cutof[More]

Cross-posted to "with Windows" forum... ...Not only during update to 3.0, but also during update to 2.2.1 and during a restore attempt 6 weeks ago. All 3 "dead" iPods have been replaced by Apple - I'd like a solution... I have videoed [More]
Ok. So I recently got this new ipod video, 30gb, and nothing but problems since I got it. I had to restore it completely and I had some problems putting it back to life. Ive finally done it, and now when I connect it to the computer, all the songs ar [More]
"We're sorry, we cannot complete your request on the iTunes store at this time." <- what gives? One moment I'm downloading an iTunes movie rental and a bunch of music, the ne [More]
I just installed Acrobat X in my computer runing Windows 7. The adobe toolbar does not appear on my explorer browser. What may be the problem? What do I need to do to make the adobe toolbar on the Explorer 9 browser? Thank you.You are running Acrobt [More]
Our small business has 4 desk top computers (using Lion) that connect to a server (in house mac mini).  Each computer has 4 users that can log in and access the server.  We are being advised that the computer should only have an administrator and sin [More]
Ever since I updated to Mavericks my Hard Disk constantly searches. I have tried turning off Spot Light Indexing and Time Machine. I have even reformatted the HD and reinstalled the OS and then re-installed all my files and apps. By the way I could n [More]
I started off with a droid 2 before I got my iphone 4.  The droid 2 gps was phenomenal, I had no problems with it.  Then I got an iphone which I assumed was going to be just as good if not better than the droid's gps.  Boy was I wrong!  The "Maps&quo [More]
Hello Gurus, I have following program. I want to make the Tab screen on selection screen inivisible when ceratin condition is set in configuration table. I know that I have to do it in AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT using loop - endloop. But how can I do [More]
I am trying to set up an iTMS account for my dad on his laptop. It seems that someone created an Apple ID for him a while ago, and so when I tried to log in to the Music Store it forced me to review the account details. I entered all of the credit ca [More]
Hi All, I keep getting a Database Engine failed when I download SQL 2012 Express.  I have loaded it 5 times.  My PC meets all the HW requirements listed.  All the other sections load.  Any idea why it is doing this?  Raju, Here is the log file, it sh [More]