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Error opening PDF on photoshop error code 0X20030055

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Hi you all, I desperaly need help. I've created a pdf file (with illustrator cs3). when I try to open it on photoshop CS3 I receive this message: "error opening the portable document file (PDF) document. error code = 0X20030055" I did not find a[More]

Error code = 0x20030055

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Im trying to open PDF files into Photohop cs3 but it comes up with error code = 0x20030055 and i cant find anything online to help me fix this error, thanksis this any help? Adobe Photoshop Version: 10.0 (10.0x20070321 [20070321.m.1480 16:39:00 cutof[More]

Description I name my mp3's for example 0 W. K. Mahler - Freedom - W. K. Mahler.mp3 Your ID3 Tag reader reads the above as Track 0.mp3 Track 0.mp3 is exactly what is read in the organizier and player (the most updated versions for Audigy 2 ZS). Do yo [More]
My iPad does not update my apps.  I get a message that says unknown error.  I tried to reboot and that did not help.Hi Kappy... I cant Sync my ipad on itunes,i think i mess it up somehere???? It says the ipad coulnt not sync because the sync session [More]
Please help... I have now started publishing my website to my domain name instead of mobile me and the quicktime movies embedded on the pages no longer play. Instead there is just a quicktime symbol with a question mark. Why and how can I fix it? Get [More]
G'day all, I've reviewed the topics on this display and none seem to fit my problem. Further, I'm convinced that it's not a display problem but an OS Tiger 10.4.11 problem but I reckon that this is the forum that will be best suited to answer. In ess [More]
can you tell if someone is logging on to your computer remotely? can you tell is someone has downloaded dodgy programs to maybe spy on you?you can effectively change your system password if you think this is happening. if you change it, they shouldn' [More]
In my family we have 3IPhones 4S, one IPhone5, one IPad3, one IPadMini and two IPad 4. Is it possible to use the same energieadapter for all of those ?Yes but the iPhone chargers will struggle to charge the iPads ,they need more power than the iPhone [More]
I have a select list itme on my region. When the user picks a specfic value (based on an Oracle function) in the select list I need to change the background color of the region. What is the best way to do this?bobmagan, You can use the region "Header [More]
Hi , Can anyone help? I am getting video Flickering footage on monitor at 23.98p using FCP 7 monitor is sony lmd 2110w Thanks>How do i get fcp to change to 29.97 video output signal via FCP? When you have a video IO card installed, this is an option. [More]
Hi Skype is cancelling my account from 09/08/2013 without authority from me. I don't want it cancelled who gave the authority to do so?! Account name redacted to protect privacy.I think you may need to contact customer service regarding that matter. [More]
Hi. I have the June 2011 imac 21.5. I installed Lion onto it and have had no problems at all. Today i tried to to a partition with the boot camp assistant app that was already on the mac. Everything was going fine, i put the disc in with windows 7 an [More]