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14.4.A.0.157 кастом

Hi I got a requirement like i have some n number of file in application server at specified path now i want to get that files from application server to presentation server. Please help me out. Thanks in advance. Regards KrishnaHI. Use this Unix scri [More]
After moving a page in my document the master page elements no longer display on screen or in print. If I move the page to a different location in the document the master displays but if it is in the specific position that it needs to be it will not [More]
Hi....... Can any one give me some idea and sort of sample code which will generate a SO when someone would save PO of a particular type ? Thanks is advance ...............Hey, You could use workflow to automatically create a Sales order when a PO is [More]
Hello Gurus, I need you help!! We have recorded a legacy for transaction FK02, because we needed to enter a large amount of e-mails in vendor master records. However, this field was not available in the transaction when carrying out the recording, so [More]
In emp table i'm having releving_date column as not null and no default value. Without getting releving date from XML message how to populate value into emp table using dbms_XMLStore package. In the below example whater values we are getting from XML [More]
i have purchased a ringtone off of itunes and it's showing up under my library as a ringtone, so i know i did that part correctly. after synching to my iphone, the ringtone is showing up in my ipod but it's not showing up under settings...sounds. nor [More]
I just got the Miglia TVMini, and following the setup assistant, I can't get past 'now please connect the unit to your mac via the usb cable supplied' and then nothing happens. The 'next' button never lights up. I have installed the EyeTv 2.1 update. [More]
I am trying to locate a doc on connecting my present CME systems to my CM system. How hard is this? Does anyone have any good links.Hi Anthoney, This doc shows the integration steps; [More]
I've installed java and have put the bin folder in the beginning of the environmental variables path value and separated the other path variables after it with a semicolon and no spaces. I then tried to run a hello world program (javac [More]
I have created a report and it has one editable field. BAM shows an input field which user can update but to avoid typing mistakes we want to make it choice list. Can I do it? Source data for choice list is fixed for time being but I would like to kn [More]