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Find encumbrance for a PO and Invoice

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All, Can some one tell me how to find encumbrance for a PO and Invoice OR the driving tables for joins? Thanks.Hi, Can some one tell me how to find encumbrance for a PO and Invoice OR the driving tables for joins? Please see: How is the amount on act[More]

I am working on determining if I can have a separate administrator group handle patching and performing maintenance on four servers that are DCs of their own AD domain, but restrict these administrators from the ability to see the active directory us [More]
I can't remember the password, what should I do?Connect the iOS device to your computer and restore via iTunes. Place the iOS device in Recovery Mode if necessary to allow the restore. If recovery mode does not work try DFU mode. How to put iPod touc [More]
I need help figuring this out! Going from OS5 to OS6 has cost me a lot of grief!Pictures are meant to be uploaded to your computer for safekeeping. Contacts should be synched to your contact manager app on your computer or a cloud service. ITunes med [More]
I have read that there are two solutions: reinstall Photoshop or install the plugin from Adobe. Someone with the same problems that have found another solution? Should not the latest version of photoshop have solved this? It's an old known problem!Li [More]
When I switch repeatedly between Library and Develop with the R and E keys, I always sooner or later run into a problem where nothing happens when I press R. Really that should go the Develop module and enter crop mode -- what I'm usually trying to d [More]
i reinstalled itunes and successfully copied over the music folders. i can play all of my music in itunes except the purchased music. an error comes up that says the original file is missing. if i plug in the external drive i can search and play the [More]
i am using a customtooltip, and the the tooltip is act like a pop-up box, but the tooltip will be remained on screen after user is clicked on the control, and destroy onli when user click others in the panel. The question is how can i print all these [More]
Hi, I am working with BPS into BI 7.0, and its STS. The user goes to the STS web page and takes a node A and changes its status to "In process" and its brother node B is "Send to approval". The node A is locked; the message said " [More]
Hi in the research project where I'm involved in, we have two databases. One is the test database, upgraded recently in ORACLE 10gR2 and the production database in ORACLE 10gR1. We have the same table with the same data in both test and production da [More]
Hello All, I am facing an strange issue with SRM Local POs while using the BADI : BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI for Local POs. We are using SRM 5.0 version with extended classic scenario and the service POs are created directly when the SC is completely approv [More]