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I have a button in forms with next code --savepoint    SAVEPOINT SAVEP1; --Call procedure of BBDD: Changed data of tables Packet.procedureexample(..., bResult); --If not correct the execution -> rollback to savepoint and exit form IF NOT bResult THEN [More]
Hi Experts, I am doing one scenario i.e idoc to file . I am getting an error that is "no receiver agreement found" in sxmb_moni, but i did the test configuration in ID which is working fine. can any one help on this.Hi, Check the following. 1. A [More]
hi   can anyone send how to create box, like table including vertical and horizontal lines in sap-scripts regards ratnaBOX Command Syntax /: BOX Effect: draws a box of the specified size at the specified position. Parameters: For each of XPOS, YPOS, [More]
Hi When i connect to essbase cube through smart view,when i click on refresh, i am getting an error says "Internal error occured". please suggest what could be the issue, for smartview query designer to work, do i have to install essbase client [More]
Hello, I'm from the Netherlands, and I want to order a notebook from Best Buy, is that possible? Or is it U.S. only? Thanks in advance, Paul Solved! Go to Solution.This is the official word from Best Buys website. Shipping outside the U.S. You may sh [More]
Hello, i've got following problem: In an table there's an varchar field. This may contains a tabstop, like this textTextText123Text(now tabstop ) textText In Report the tabstop won't be displayed accurate. Maybe it will be displayed just as on space. [More]
How I can make changes in existing SAP form . I want to make changes in delivery form <b>matrix row enable or disable</b>Hi Sagar,    If you want to disable a row, you can close that row using DIAPI. HTH B.Ravi Shankar nullRead other 3 answers [More]
Hey, My laptop had been giving me trouble, so I recently did a restore to factory settings and started from scratch. Now, everything works pretty much perfectly, except the small audio popping issues I had before seem way, way worse now. I used a DPC [More]
How do I find files are missing needed to launch numbers? Where is the iwork launcher?The DVD versions of iWork install some shared resources in an iWork folder under Application Support in the Computer Library. If you try to copy the application to [More]
How is the Center Point used in CS5 when working with transformation tools? What types of things can be done with it? Thanks.When transforming one can just drag the Reference Point from its  position in the center of the transformation-rectangle (it [More]