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My wife has an early 2008 Macbook with 2.4 GHz processor that I recently upgraded the OS to OS X 10.7.5 and upped the ram to 4 GB.  I had installed a Boot Camp for Windows Vista 32-bit that is still working, but I have a Windows 7 64-bit installation [More]
Dear Gurus,    I wish to seek advice on these matters.    Our company is planning the requirements for our products but wish to outsource the assembly to other companies.    Our company will be billed by the company which helps us to assemble the pro [More]
Hi We are in the process of converting single instance database(11gr2) supporting EBS 12.1.3 to 2 node RAC on RHEL. Which version of RHEL is better? if its 6.x then x?? The oracle document only says RHEL update 6. thanks in advance.Hi, Yes you can us [More]
Never had a problem, but now when I scan, and it goes straight to My Documents,  when I go to open it, it's been replaced by an old picture.  Every one of my darn documents has that old picture and I can 't find any of my documents.  Please help. I d [More]
need to have the option enroll ios on the apple beta software program pageThat's the wrong email message. There's a separate one that was sent out for iOS.Read other 4 answers [More]
Hi all Does anyone know the reason why the official archlinux packages for ardour and jack (and some other ProAudio tools) get not updated since half a year or more, although there are newer releases available from upstream? Arch version of ardour is [More]
I've just installed Oracle 9i personal edition and developer suite. Also installed Oracle ODBC drivers. Trying to set up a system DSN I get an error: SQL_HANDLE_ENV. Looked up on Google, says Net8 wasn't installed. Also says, however, that Net8 is in [More]
Hi,    I am using Release of oracle. Now i am supposed to move a 'big table big_tab1(~700GB)+its indexes' to a different tablespace which is encrypted. I am trying to follow redefinition approach inspite of ALTER TABLE MOVE , as because we [More]
I need to set image sizes using percent so they are resized per screen. (obviously).  I do so and save the web page. If I reopen the page for editing the darn images reset to pixels. In other words it is actually forcing the percentage size to a pixe [More]
When I plug in devices such as my camera it used to show up under devices, now nothing shows up including the disc in the macbook and I can't eject it.Additional note - I raise the issue because I cannot play the music in question from my iPad or iPh [More]