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I have the blackberry curve 9350/9360 and i occasionally get sms picture messages from friends with multiple pictures that i have to open up seperately to view.  Is there a way to change the settings so that it will open up as a slide show and i can [More]
Hello ADT Gurus, I'm trying to start using Eclipse for ABAP development. However after successful installation of ADT into Eclipse I'm still not able to create an ABAP project. When I want to create ABAP project I always receive following error messa [More]
Hi New Installation. Sharepoint 2013, Project Server 2013 and SQL Server 2008 SP1 (another box). When I try to create Project Web App Instance, I get  Provisioning 'PWA': Post provisioning setup failed. Exception 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Fa [More]
I have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Pro  how do i get it to work on my microsoft surface 3Hello nnicora19a, I am sorry but Acrobat 6 is not compatible to run on Microsoft Surface 3. Moreover, Acrobat 6 is a very old version so Adobe also recommends you to insta [More]
dear guys i got the problem that i want to get some data out of a htm-file. that is why i have to choose a format that is more "universal" than an excel-file the problem is i got a excel-file and save it as htm/html - file because i got a excel- [More]
Hi All, I've noticed that a lot of users seem to be having the same issue with viewing videos in the 'Shared Streams'. I am also having this issue, as is my partner with a different Apple ID. After sharing a video, the other user will get a nofiticat [More]
But I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard. Can you help me to solve this? Thanks! VictorWhat computer are you using? Are you positive you can not upgrade to Snow Leopard?  If you truly can not then you are out of luck.  There are no workarounds. Get more i [More]
It appears that ref cursors in declared procedures don't work. For example, the following code runs with no errors, but returns nothing from the ref cursor - s = s & "DECLARE" & vbLf s = s & " TYPE OutCurType IS REF CURSOR;" [More]
Post Author: Optimus CA Forum: Desktop Intelligence Reporting Hi all,fro the first time I am trying to implement a year-to-date , month-to-date and similar measures into my reports. I tried approach with second data provider with restriction to date; [More]
Hi, We have an xml api that accepts order requests and returns xml responses based on the processing performed. I would like to add a tag called <Lables> to the xml response that contains the contents (bytes?) of a pdf file generated on our side. I [More]