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TS1702 Why%20does%20app%20store%20not%20download%20to%20my%20ipad

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MY iPad is not downloading from app store. How can I overcome this?   Sits there with waiting shownIf a stalled download wasn't the problem, here are a few other things that you can try. 1.Sign out of your account, restart the iPad and then sign in a[More]

Why%20doesn't%20my%20ipad%201%20turn%20one%20kindle%20book%20page%20at%20a%20tim e?

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ANswering my earlier question, why my ipad cant turn singlpages in the kindle reader, i founf it is only in the kindle cloud Reader that page turning doesnt work.[More]

SharePoint Foundation 2010: search error: "Your search cannot be completed because of a service error."

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Hi, I have SharePoint Foundation 2010 running on a single server with databases, with a second server in the farm serving as a 2nd app tier. Both server have the exact same versions of SharePoint loaded (according to the Central Admin site). Whenever[More]

Can I use this hard drive for my Mid 2010 13 Inch Macbook Pro?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130,%20Mi d%202010)&imodule=ST1000LM024#pr-header-back-to-top-link My macbook model is 7.1 I thought this would work but i just read one of the reviews and it says : "CP specs[More]

How can I restore my Address Book from Time Machine, iCloud keeps overwriting

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This was all done on my MacBook Pro, using Mavericks updated.  With the Address Book, and iCloud. Ok, this is really a mess.  I have close to a 1,000 contacts in my address book.  I'm not going to manually sort them.  I have a bunch of groups in my a[More]

Project Server 2010 Task page - An unknown error has occurred

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Hi All, I have searched inside the forum for similar problems but i didn't find any solution. We have Project Server 2010 with December CU installed and we are experiencing a serious problem with two enterprise resources. They can login to pwa succes[More]

Problem with Spry Menu Bar 2.0 (1.0) re - CSS

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Hello: I am having some difficulty with a Spry Menu Bar (horizontal) 2.0 (1.0)  that I have created.  Initially I thought the problem was with regard to rendering issues on IE 6.0, however the problem seems to be more general than that and I have com[More]

Lost all my music in my library when I update to 10.5.8, how can I get it back?

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When I updated to 10.5.8, I had backed up all my files and some I did as zip. files as not to take up a lot of space which I did not have. When I went to un-zip myn music Library, this is what I got. help.  If you need more information just ask. than[More]

Is this a known...bug from hell?

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I have had this particular intermittent problem since upgrading to CS4....when rendering a workarea....there will be certain parts that will not render the render bar will turn green for good! and the red not rendered odd one or two....wi[More]

Samba won't tango

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I have a D-Link 2750 DSL router with a USB port. I'm trying to use it as network attached storage with a 32GB memory stick. My Mac (10.7.5) will mount the disk as guest, I can read files on it, and delete files, and create empty folders, but not writ[More]

I recently did a Java update and mozilla disappeared as my home page (igoogle took it's place) and I can't get it back--how do I fix this

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When I click mozilla icon on desktop, I am connected to the internet with iGoogle as the home page--no orange button in upper left corner, no customized tool bar, no bookmarks. I have to type in each website that I need to go to and if I want to prin[More]

Do you also get this problem too?

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I migrated from 1.0.14 to 1.1 last nite. Everything went on smoothly. Started to add the search and comment feature on my blog as well. When i upload the whole site, i hit the publishing error but it went away once i retry it. I did a quick check on[More]

I cant load any pages in firefox but i can do it in Internet but i better like firefox, I WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear mozilla/firefox, I like firefox but because my F(light)S(imulator)X wasn't working I changed some settings in my pc and now I just only can go on the internet by internet explorer(that sucks). can you please help me?? I like to play games online[More]

How to mount an url with variable data?

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Hello fellas, i need to use a variable url in an a tag to send emails. Something like: <a href=""> Anyone knows how i can encodeURI of an variable data in Eloqua??? Thanks for attention. Respect!Hell[More]

I customize my genres, etc. but iTunes keeps changing it back. How do I stop this?

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I customize my genres, etc. but iTunes keeps changing it back. How do I stop this?Hi dfrost10, I wouldn't be surprised if you were hit with some [[More]

I keep getting a man popping up on my page. It is a drawing

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I go to my yahoo email and when I go to click on anything I get a drawing of a man, with questions. I don't click them on. But then when I went to send a email, there was a strange search box in the message part of email. This is not happening with I[More]

My recent emails used to show on my home page, "my msn". With Firefox 4, they disappeared and I can't see how to get them back.

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On my home page there is a heading-Hotmail. Under that the last 8 or so emails were listed. The heading remains, the emails are gone and the+ in a box is now a -. So I can't add the emails. Firefox 4 has made things faster, but it's taken away stuff[More]

Accesing protectred URIs on Solaris (sparcv9) with WLS 10.3.5 and Apache2

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I had started to ask questions about this on another thread of mine, but since I had listed that one as answered and this being different from the original question on that thread...I felt it better to create its own thread. Problem Description: Envi[More]

What can I do if the master password has been forgoten?

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is there a way to reset it?See this: other 2 answers[More]

Mp3tubetoolbar search won't go away; how do I get rid of it beyond about:config, regedit, remove programs?

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I keep getting mp3tubetoolbar search as the main search engine. I uninstalled yahoo toolbar, reset keyword.url in about:config, removed any mention of mp3tube in regedit. Still getting the same hijacked search engine.Hi nervoussturgeon, You should ta[More]

Hi, I am facing an issue with the 'OR' function on the filters that are used in the reports. The report needs to fetch all the records on the three tables as the user enters the value in the dashboard prompts. eg: [   update_dt_A1 is prompted and use [More]
I added a new column (DNAMECONT as varchar2) in a table I created a Form on. I added this new field in my Form as a text field, and on the customized tab of the form wizard, this following code is displayed as expected : <TR><TD><#DCONTRACT [More]
Hi friends , The clients place , we are using invoice plan with service  P.O's  ( Perodic ) where GR based IV is not selected & S.E.S Is not generated , it si by passed.. only invoicing is done in maintaining invoice plan.. I Tried to do [More]
I have an iPhone 4 with iOS7 installed and after installing I see that find my friends app is not working and looking into it, I saw that the app was not listed under 'Use cellular data for'. It works when it is within wi-fi range but not when using [More]
Hi, my company runs Office Live Meeting 2007 for web conferances. I'm trying to understand if it's supported on Mac (Lion) and Office 2011 for Mac, but I can't figure it out. Is it? Or is it partly? If not is there any way to make it work, beside run [More]
Given that i have a Jtable with four rows. if that i deleted the last(4th) row, how can i set the next(3rd) row to be selected? thanks in advance!:P http://www.magiksafe.comRead other 3 answers [More]
As soon as iTunes loads, the entire application locks up. I can't even click the little circle-X on the display to stop the operation. The track # does increment every minute or so, so it is doing something... just... very... slowly... It's currently [More]
Hi guys, I have an ECC system (SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6) whereby among many functionalities, Record Management System (RMS) is used. Various RMS attachments like jpeg, pdf and doc are stored in Content Server. Normally, we access these attachments thru docid [More]
OK quick question.... In LV 6.1, is there any way to influence the Z-order of the plots?  I want to have a basic plot (it's a multiple-peak spectrum) in the background with the area between the plot and zero filled.  I then want to be able to superim [More]
Hi, I have developed a JSP-Applikcation with the master-detail views. This Application has been implemented as SSO enabled web portlet into portal. Whenn I click on a row retrieved from the master view (Master.jsp), it take 15 seconds until the assoc [More]