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Toshiba 39L4333DG: help setting WiFi password - cannot find the char ^

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My WiFi 61 chars password contains the char ^ and I can't find it in the onscreen keyboard! I tried substituting it with an "upperscore" I never saw elsewhere (thinking it was just a bad font rendering), but it didn't work and a message said I h[More]

Cannot send email from pop account when in 3G, will send in WIFI

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I cannot send email from pop account when in 3G, will send in WIFI. I thought it was the SMTP server first.. but when i config my WIFI, suddenly the emails that i tried to send, left my outbox and sent. Any idea'sThe SMTP server you are using with Wi[More]

Wifi works poorly on my brandnew ipad2. can some one help me or shall I return it to the store?

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Wifi works poorly to none on my brandnew (three days old) ipad2. The same Wifi connection works perfectly with my PC laptop. Can some one help me or shall I return it to the store?Try here... Apple - Support - iPad - Wi-FiRead other 2 answers[More]

How do I use a wifi printer with my iPhone

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How do I print to a wifi printer from my iPhoneHi rhonda177! The feature that allows you to print from your iPhone to a Wi-Fi printer is called AirPrint, and more information on it can be found here: AirPrint Basics[More]

AIO Remote app cant find HP 7150 aio printer on my wifi network, on Windows Phone 8

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 HI, Yesterday I install You App AIO Remote on Windows Phone 8. I have connected to wifi HP 7150 aio printer, but phone cant find this printer... I have Lumia 1520 and Lumia 920 smartphones both is connect to this same wifi network like printer, but[More]

Ideapad A1-07 tablet wifi-bluet​ooth does not work!

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Hello everyone. As you can see from the title on my tablet is not working wifi and bluetooth. When turning wifi tablet is reset and continues to be off and on until it forcibly turns off, and when you turn it on again, and do not touch wifi everythin[More]

Google Play on Tablet works on WIFI not Verizon network.

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I have an Motorola Ellipsis Tablet. I am unable to use Google Player. When I open the app, I get "Background data disable. Google play store needs background data to be enabled." I hit enable and It asks me to choose either Facebook or Gmail. I[More]

Loss of sending email using WIFI

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As of this morning 8-20-08, after updating to 2.02, I no longer am able to send emails using my own wireless network. Previously this was no problem. Neither Fido or Apple have any idea of what I am talking about. Fido washed their hands as they do n[More]

No wifi on 4s

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My daughter's iPhone 4S rec'd as Christmas present last year and updated to iOS 7.04 has no wifi access, Bluetooth does not start (spinning wheel), and wifi address listed as N/A. Have tried resetting network settings, airplane mode is off, restarted[More]

Issues with iMessage when switching data carrier (wifi - cellular)

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So I have had this issue with my 5S and now my 6+ in iMessage. Not *always* but often enough I've run into issues sending messages via iMessage when I associate with wifi in that they don't send. I'll get an error message saying "not delivered"[More]

I have a problem with wifi in my iphone 4s, i already try everything and download latest version 7.1(11D167) but wifi switch is not working, its my humble request to Apple support team that pls resolve this problem as soon as possible because

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I have a problem with wifi in my iphone 4s, i already try everything and download latest version 7.1(11D167) but wifi switch is not working, its my humble request to Apple support team that pls resolve this problem as soon as possible because its a p[More]

I have problem with wifi in my ipad3

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My wifi is so slow , i  download from app store by wifi and it takealong time .Some things to try first: 1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hop[More]

I am trying to move my wife's iPhoto '08 library to my new iMac for iPhoto '11.

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I am trying to move my wife's iPhoto (2007) library on a Macbook to my new iMac for iPhoto '11.  First, when I opened iPhoto on the iMac it asked me to create a library, which I did.  Then I imported her photos via a wireless network to my "new"[More]

Time Capsule set up and wifi network OK but MacBook doesn't see capsule as airport device.  Do I need to do a hard reset and start again?

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I recently bought a Time Capsule and sucessfully set it up in accordance with the instruction book.  The home network and guest network seem to work fine but my MacBook cannot find the Time Capsule wirelessley. Initially I set up the time capsule con[More]

How can my wife and I share our iTunes account?

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My wife has an iTunes account as do I, but we are ideally trying to combine them so that we have a central iTunes library that we can both pull from. Is this possible?  We are on Windows Vista platform outside of our apple products. We have 2 iPhones[More]

How do I create a new Apple ID for wife's new iPhone 6 Plus?

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Our family has many Apple Devices (Mac Book Air, iMac, iPhone 6, iPad 3rd Gen. iPod 5th Gen. and as of today a new iPhone 6 Plus.  All of our Devices have always been using one Apple ID.  This has created zero issues until now.  With my wife's new iP[More]

HT3529 My wife and I both have an iphone.   We initially created it under her apple id.   We will receive each others text messages from certain people not all.   Any ideas why and what we can do to stop it

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My wife and I both have an iphone.  We initially set them up under one apple id account.  When we text sometimes we will receive each others text messages from others.   Example I will text a friend...she will not see my text but the reply comes to b[More]

HT201269 When I updated my wife's iphone 4s the last time to IOS 7 she lost all her contacts. I logged onto icloud because I thought they would have been save there but I can't find them.  My daughter and wife use the same Apple ID

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About 2 weeks ago I plugged my wife's iphone 4S to our pc to update  it to IOS 7and backup her iphone info to icloud. When I was done my wife's iphone had my daughter's ipod info on it and I can't find my wife's info on icloud anywhere. My wife has a[More]

My wife and I have made many purchases over several years on seperate accounts, how could we join them into one account, without losing everything?

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My wife and I have made many purchases over several years on seperate accounts, how could we join them into one account, without losing everything? We both use Iphone 5's and share an Imac at home.Purchases using one Apple ID cannot be merged or tran[More]

How do I use home sharing if I have a different apple ID than my wife?

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My wife and I have two seperate accounts.  Do we need to create one apple ID for our house and keep our seperate ID's?  If thats the case how do I listen to my music with my apple ID if it is for a different account?  We want to share our libraries s[More]

Please help. I have turned it off on my phone, but I can not find a way to turn it off on my computer....when I download a new song I don't want it sent to the cloud.Open iTunes, go to the Store menu and turn iTunes Match off:Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi everyone! One of my buddy has created t his job: sys.dbms_job.submit(jobno, 'SendEmail();', (sysdate + 2/86400), null); Its sending the emails very frequently. How should this job work? Please guide me. Thanks in advance. NithHere's a demo of an a [More]
What the heck did apple do to screw up wireless printing? I could print on Panther os to my printer when it was hooked up to airport. It meant hooking it up to airport and adding the printer a second time (then labelling it as wireless so I know whic [More]
I have just installed a couple of queries from BC. The objects were assigned to the "Unassigned Nodes" tree. Why does that happen? I don't have a CRM tree yet, so I don't know where they should be assigned. Does anybody know how I can determine [More]
I have this album which i have imported into itunes many times. But since updating recently, and realising its not there anymore. When it comes to importing it back into itunes, it just doesnt want to import the songs? any ideas? Im going snowboardin [More]
I have three e-mail accounts sent to my phone from GMail. One of them keeps letting all the junk mail through. How can I stop it?I will have to get my PC next to me and write up some directions. You can also open the junk mail on the phone, hit MENU, [More] know this thread is 4 years old but im sure there are others looking for the answer, I was. What you need to do is set wordwrap to the textfield component of the textinput so ... textinputname.text [More]
my photoshop will not load, error message is 148.3This is a licensing error. The usual fix is to reinstall the program after running the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool. also read this: Error "Licensing has stopped working" | Windows Error "Lic [More]
I can't use my CD Burner since I downloaded the new i-Tunes version 6.0 and I'm getting frustrated like so many other people on this forum. How about some help Apple? Dell 4600 Dimension   Windows XP   Pentium 4No reply back from Apple I see. Well I [More]
Hi, Can anyone give some background/links/docs on Case Management and Tallyman ?. Thanks Rahul Moderator message:  Please do not post a request for information that is readily available via the lnks found in the sticky thread at the top of this forum [More]