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I bought the correct cord with the 3 video outputs and the 2 audio but my tv only comes with 1 video input and the color is yellow I only get black and white video do I have to own a HD tv or something to get color video?You need the composite AV cab[More]

Music and video

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How to output video to Tv or Home theatre system (iphone)?You are going to need the special cables to accomplish this. Depending on your setup. I have included 2 links below with the proper accessory that will assist with video. Please refer to Kbase[More]

Play movie on iphone through TV???????

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Is there a way to play a movie stored on the iphone through a TV and what exactly is required in order to do this??? 9909E&fnode=home/shopipod/ipod_accessories/cablesdock[More]

What is compatible video cable for Nano 3g?

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What are compatible video cables for Nano 3g? Is cable with headphone like jack and Composite/Component RSA connectors 4A608&fnode=home/shopipod/ipod_accessories/cablesd[More]

How to get video and pictures displayed on TV?

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I have the composite cables and plugged the one end into my headphone jack on my Itouch, the other ends into my TV audio/video, I can play music just fine and can also get the audio portion of video clips on the tv but Cannot view video or pics? any[More]

View my iPhone on my tv

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Do they sell something that will allow me to do this?Yes: For Component TVs: 360E7&fnode=home/shopipod/ipod_accessories/cablesdocks&nplm=MB128LL/A For Composite TVs&q[More]

Lync 2013 PSTN calling not working with Sonus SBC 1000 over TLS and SRTP

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Dear All, We have recently installed Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition with a Pool of 3 FE Servers (MEDIATION COLLOCATED). We need to implement TLS and SRTP with Sonus SBC 1000. However calls are not routing b/w SBC and Lync. We are using wild card certif[More]

Iphone Video & TV

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At certain times when I watch a video that I have recorded on my iphone, I get a mesage that says " this video is being watching on TV"  why is that and where is it being watched.  this has happened a couple of times when I am in my vehicle,, so[More]

Looking for a video player

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I found one a year or two ago on the internet - it was a Flex video player. Along the progress bar at the bottom, there were little flags, and when the video got to the flagged points, certain things woud happen - text would pop up with additional in[More]

IPod Classic 80Gb intermittent problems

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My iPod Classic 80Gb is starting to become a bit tempremental especially when used in the car but also at home although right now it is playing away fine through my hi-fi system. What happens is that seemingly at random the Apple logo appears on the[More]

Hi, I have successfully (I think!) configured SQL Server Reporting Services on my SharePoint 2013 Enterprise farm. However, when I create a new app of type Report Library as /Reports, it succeeds, but when I navigate to it through the quick link on t [More]
I'm newbie os x admin . I bought new Mac Mini 2010 with Lion Server. I want to do RAID 0 with my HDD.  I make image for Recovery Partition. Then  format partition and do RAID 0. I setup with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 GM build 11A511 I success to install but [More]
I was helping my father edit his pictures by dragging them from the iPhoto album they were in to Photoshop CS5. After editing I'd click "Save" and the highest setting "12" for the jpeg. When I'd go back to iPhoto the editing doesnt app [More]
I have a 5 minute FCP5 project I am wanting to export as a Macromedia flash video. The settings are: MP3 audio at 160kbps, and the video is 1200kbps, frame rate is same as source, key frame placement is automatic, and has been encoded as On2 VP6. It [More]
Hi all, We currently have problem with our Oracle 10gR1 database on Windows 2000 server in that the RMAN backups on the primary database delete archivelogs before the standby database can receive current and new archivelogs from primary database. Wha [More]
Is there any visual tool for drawing queries in StreamInsight (like StreamBase)? Is there any plan for it (from Microsoft or third parties)?No and not that I am aware of. DevBiker (aka J Sawyer) Microsoft MVP - Sql Server (StreamInsight) If I answere [More]
This is a problem I've been experiencing with Tiger, but it is still present with Leopard : for some reason, the TAB keystroke (the one above the Permanent-Maj-CAPS keystroke, on the left side of the keyboard) is inactive in one session. On the other [More]
The default in previous versions of LR had the sliders set to various positions on import ie. Brightness 50 etc. You could zero out the slider by setting them at 0. Now with the sliders set to 0, yet LR adding a default processing, how to you zero ou [More]
Hi all, We have 5 sites, at least 2 AD servers in each site. Sometimes one site (which is a mobile site as we go to different venues) is off for a week but sometimes for up to 3 months during winter. In our main factory site, we have 3 DCs which are [More]
Hello there. My name is James. I have a Mac PowerBook G4 Laptop with Mac OSX v10.3.9. My laptop has been great and trouble free for almost 3 years. But I recently let my little brother borrow it for a couple of weeks, whilst I was away, and now the S [More]