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When checking out with a new MBA you have the option of purchasing an adapter to connect to a DVI. However, it looks like this is a mini DVI to DVI cable, and I can't see that the new MBAs come with a mini DVI port. Why would there be an option to bu [More]
Hello, everyone. I had used the above FM several times before but I have a problem now with sending a pure excel file (I have no problem to send a CSV file). The problem is that the files is sent with unknown format and when it's being opened all dat [More]
I just did a clean install on my Mac Mini - I have over 4 TB of storage attached, but the main drive (160 GB) keeps filling up. What is the best way to have the Users directory located on an external drive? Thanks for your help, ChrisThink about it f [More]
I have an old Airport Extreme (looks like a flying saucer) that my cable modem is connected to. Other Airport Express devices expand the wireless network around my house and Time Capsule is connected to the wireless network. I want to take advantage [More]
Hi all, When I try to search for music by a specific artist in the iTunes store on my iPhone 5, I get an error that says "Can't connect to the iTunes store".  This only happens when I search for music by this band.  I can search for other artist [More]
Hey guys. I have Creative Mediasource 3.0.09 installed on my Win XP. I recently downloaded CMS_PCAPP_LB_3_30_2.exe from the Creative Support site, and tried to install it without removing CMS 3.0.09. However, after invoking the .exe file, the install [More]
Hi, i have to create a form using 10columns out of a 25column table... one of the columns of this 10 is PRIMARY KEY..... in the process of creating the form is asking me for a primary key....when i select a column(out of 10) as primary key , i [More]
Dear All, Please find below a list of problems that I now have with my iphone after updating to the new operating system. 1) NO WIFI 2) NO GPS 3) BLACKED OUT PICTURES IN CAMERA ROLL AND PHOTOS 4) VERY SLOW TO ANSWER CALLS 5) PHONE IS VERY SLOW TO LOA [More]
Up until yesterday, when I plug my iPod in to its USB plug on the PC, iTunes would open and I can see my iPod - all of a sudden, when I plug it into the USB, it starts charging (like it should), but iTunes doesn't open and I if I open it manually, it [More]
How can I get my sound to play my iPod says my headphones are in all the time and they arnt so it will only play sound when my headphones are in- Try cleaning out/blowing out the headphone jack. Try inserting/removing the plug a dozen times or so. Th [More]