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I didn't do the installation for this ecommerce site, I am just coming in later to customize the site and I was told that the initial installation was complete.  When I try and browse to the site of check sync manager I am getting 2 errors that I hav [More]
After installing mountain lion can't access my iphoto library? Error message claims" iphoto quit unexpectedly"?you either need to run software update once more (there was a major update for a lot of iLife apps when ML came out for support with M [More]
Hi, A fatal error has occurred in the Production System.The is part of the Intercompany flow. -Sales order is raised for a customer belonging to Sales Organization A. -Delivery is made directly to customer of Sales Org A from a Plant belonging to Sal [More]
I've created a page with three tabs and a different form for each tab, then I've placed a button in each form to call the following form, using this code: htp.formOpen(' p_arg_names=_moduleid&p_arg_values=1544154288&am [More]
I am tring to set up pc with the new macbook air. I can read/write files in Windows 7 from my macbook air. However, the reverse is giving me a headache.....(seriously) In my macbook air, Preference->Network->Advance->Wins , I set the workgroup as [More]
I've got my camera, got IChat up and running, but can't get the headset to connect. Bluetooth is on and discoverable. It connects to the phone, The computer see's the phone, but won't pair either. After reading all the replies, unable to find one sce [More]
For my courses, I have put navigation widgets on the master slide and disabled the playbar. One widget tells the page to go to the next slide, the other tells it to go to the previous slide. This works fine until I click the Back widget and then the [More]
Hi, Running OS X 10.8.3. I have my language settings set to Australian English. How ever, when typing in system applications such as Mail, or Notes, the OS X System Spell checker is spell checking based on American English. For example; when typing a [More]
Hi, I am asked to install oracle 11.2 and OMS. I don't have any idea about OMS. How to configure that? Can i install and configure 11g and OMS in same machine(Vm ware). can i use the OMS for testing purpose? please anyone tell about download path for [More]
Hi, when I use cmd-p in Finder to print a document, it doesn't print using my last preset printing preferences (inc. double-sided). If I open the doc in Word and print, it's fine. But the cmd-p shortcut only prints the default settings, not my preset [More]