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I'm trying to change the number associated with our ipad's facetime and messages to my number, not my husbands.  When I look under settings, it shows his number, but I don't see the opportunity to change or edit the number. It will not send notificat [More]
Hey there, maybe it is just me but is it only possible to choose one Volume as a Time machine Backup destination for all the connected users? I used to setup different volumes as a Time Machine backup destination so that every user had his/her own pa [More]
I have a bunch of pictures that I put to music. Some move across the screen or zoom slowly. The images move smoothly until I render them, then it's like the images are on some bumpy path or something. They jitter or bump as they move. I have de-inter [More]
Win 8.1 64bit These are pdf pages that appear as strikethrough or shadowDo the lines move as you scroll or do they stay in the same place on the page? One option would be to use the Adobe Acrobat plugin instead of Firefox's built-in PDF viewer. This [More]
Hello,       Please read the entire posting before you answer to the problem. I am installing the web middlewear for CRM IDES 4.0 SP4. SAP deliver e-selling scenario (based on 6.20 webas) in a sar file and all I have to is unzip it into a directory a [More]
I cant get the book on the ibook shelf. The ibook says go to purchases. I go to the purchased section and see the book, when i touch the cloud symbol it says i already downloaded it. There is a cloud with down arrow inside symbol next to the book. Ho [More]
I use Firefox tabbed browsing to view 4 large HTMLs at a time. The HTML files are 8-20MB each. When I try to switch between tabs, close tabs, I get long delays. When I exit, Firefox freezes. This did not happen with Firefox 7.0.I use Firefox tabbed b [More]
In a string in lingo say word = "hello", i wanted word = "He said "hello" ", im not sure how to make it disregard the " " inside the string. In c++ you would use word = "He said \"hello\"" howeve [More]
I just had a brilliant idea about exporting and I can't wait to share it with you guys so you can tell me if I'm really as smart as I think I am or if I'm just plain dumb and I'm missing something. So I've got a bunch of movies, already edited, all I [More]
Hello, I have a SE/30 with System 7.5.5 running a Farallon PhoneNET ethernet card and it works fine on th home network. I purchased the Mac on Ebay and it already had the system installed on it. I recently added an external drive and added a partitio [More]