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Hey there has anyone had any succes to open Adobe  Camara raw 7.1 in Aperture i get the message undsupported fileYou need to clarify your question.  What specifically are you asking? It is possible to create DNGs with ACR 7.1 that Aperture cannot ope [More]
I am working on an app where I will load a list of recipes.  Each recipe is an XML file.  I would have an XML file that lists the filenames that need to be loaded.  I am assuming in can use one HTTPService and loop through this list, and set the url [More]
Hi, i get a question. In general: In the navigation menu i have two commandlink that are "Service" and "Application". And when i click on each of the two command links, i go to a page. The detail: This two commandlinks use a same task [More]
Hello. I want to page my query results but I have a table that has a long primary key. As I see Querry.setFirstResult() can only take an int as a parameter. How can I page my results if I have much more than 2,147,483,647 entries? I could implement i [More]
DesertCatVicki I am trying to get my Canon MP190 to print with Macbook, OS10.5.8. I used to use the printers utility file to check ink levels. Now am told must go to Apple for latest drivers, etc. Where do I go??I am lost.Printer and Scanner software [More]
I know how to make smart objects within a single document, but Is it possible to use Smart objects between separate psd files? I would like to create a master background file and have any changes made to this updated throughout all the other psd docu [More]
I have a similar issue: I have a 'personal' MS account and a 'business' one with the same e-mail address. The business one is coupled to my Skype account to have the free minutes, but I can't get to them. Please help.Have had the same problem for one [More]
Hi, I'm trying to convert come files using PDFG. I tried the user console, the email account and the WebService API. None of this options worked. I can see in the log file that JBOSS is launched successfully, with every BMC being started without any [More]
I have review questions throughout my course.  I have them marked to not report in the quiz.  I also have a quiz at the end.  I have marked in my quiz preferences if the quiz is failed to go back to the beginning of the quiz questions.  The problem i [More]
Can't seem to see the movie I downloaded from the computer on the Apple Tv. Bought and Downloaded some episodes of Dora at the same time, and they are showing and can be played under tvshows. Have checked the settings on iTunes and it shows as home s [More]