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5538 event is help SharePoint 2016


Conflict between Client object model and Item Updated Event Receiver in sharepoint 2010

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Hello All, As per my requirement I have a two custom list. Agent Details Port Name Agent Details contains Agent code, Port Name,  email, address and phone of Agent. Its possible that one Agent Code is connected with multiple Port Name. Basically what[More]

Getting Error In Item Added Event In Event Receiver in SharePoint 2010

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Hi Guys, I have written Event Receiver in SharePoint 2010 On ItemAdded event of Document Library. Wants to increment a col value by reading maximum value first. I wrote below code but sometime it works correctly but some time I got below error: Docum[More]

Event created for SharePoint Calendar opened in Outlook, not showing in SP

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I have a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise calendar list that I have "open in outlook" In Outlook 2013, in the opened SharePoint calendar, I create a few events.   None of them show up in the SharePoint list , they only remain visible in my Outlook Cal[More]

On excel sheet upload read the workbook and populate data to sharepoint list

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Requirement in my current project: In a document library when I upload an excel sheet, a specific workbook has to be read and the contents have to be uploaded to a sharepoint custom list. The approach followed was create an event receiver and registe[More]

SharePoint 2010 with LDAP authentication, using NOVELL eDirectory

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One of my customers needs a SharePoint application that allows people to authenticate with either an Active Directory account (internal staff) or a Novell eDirectory account (external customers). Using the following article as a base guide (http://bl[More]

SharePoint 2010 workflows randomly not firing in SharePoint Foundation 2013

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Hi, We recently upgraded a client from SharePoint Foundation 2010 to SharePoint Foundation 2013. They had several workflows on their 2010 site and would like to continue to use them on their 2013 site. In most cases the workflows are firing properly,[More]

Delete Attachments from SharePoint list

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Hello,  I created InfoPath Form, and users can attach a file. I want to delete the attachments from the SharePoint list after a while (Privacy issues). How can I do it? I searched about it and I found some codes but I'm not sure how to use them. Coul[More]

How to track the sharepoint documents from MS Dynamics end???

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Hi, I want to track the SharePoint documents from MS Dynamics CRM end. When the document is added or deleted i need to show the message that docuement is added at so and so document library. If i use event receivers what else i need to do after that.[More]

I have run the EtreCheck  with these results: Problem description: When I am moving the pointer around my, the screen starts breaking up into pixels that flash on and off. Enough that I made a video (11 sec) showing this before I shut down [More]
My hard disk was recently replaced after failing (at Apple's expense since my mac is still under warranty). Fortunately, I made a complete image of my old hard disk on an external drive just days before the problem arose, so am in the process of copy [More]
Windows 8 64bit, desktop mode exclusive using start8, 4th gen i7-4800MQ CPU, Nvidia Geforce 740m 2gb discrete alongside on cpu intel hd4600 integrated. 8gb ddr3 (2x4). 1tb hdd + 24gb mSSD for primary HDD acceleration through cache. 768kbps netspeed. [More]
Hi If I open the Crystal Report in PDF using the below code using weblogic 8.1 ReportExportControl exportControl = new ReportExportControl(); Object reportSource = session.getAttribute("reportSource"); exportControl.setReportSource(reportSource) [More]
Safari and firefox 'cannot find the server' for every other page that i navigate to, unless I turn Wifi off and on. Once i reconnect to the network, the page loads, but after loading a few more pages, the same thing happens all over again. This happe [More]
I'm looking to buy a new external hard drive, this one in particular: 39-pdt.html I was wondering if I plugged it into my time capsule it would be recognised on my macbo [More]
How can I transfer an icloud email address from one apple id to another apple id?It isn't possible.  If you need to use a different iCloud account with a different ID as your primary iCloud account, you can still set up your other iCloud address as a [More]
Currently the only way to copy a unique selector is to either double click in the inspector tool, or access the popup bubble and click 'copy unique selector'. Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for that process?Hi Dubes, Thank you for your [More]
When doing a search, the search list comes up fine. On most of the sites I select, it redirects me to another search site. I have McAfee protection installed, and it shows no threats or issues. Even had their techs on my computer remotely. Also, my p [More]
Hi, I had my new Nano working great and had my music on it no problem. Then I was offered to upgrade to software version 1.0.2 or something to that extent, I also had to upgrade to Itunes 7.4 before it would recognise my nano to begin with. Anyway, t [More]