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KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE when trying to open Portal 2 in Steam

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Here is the error message I get when trying to open Portal 2 in Steam.  It never actually gets to the game.  I just bought it for my sons bday that I was going to show him tonight, so it has never worked yet. Any suggestions? -Joe Process:         po[More]

My safari keeps crashing running 10.5.8

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my safari keeps crashing running 10.5.8 any help would be appreciated.Hi same problem.  Crash report below Process:     Safari [244] Path:        /Applications/ Identifier: Version:     6.0.2 (8536.26[More]

Mail and iTunes Crashing in Lion

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Hey everyone, My relatively new (4-6mths) iMac desktop has recently had some issues with two key programs continually crashing. The crashes started with mail, which I have linked to two different gmail accounts, and just recently iTunes got in on the[More]

RAM(?) Error when launching iTunes, OS 0.7.2

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I get the error log below on launching iTunes. Already used AppleJack to get my RAM based on the EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) exception type, but my RAM is fine by that metric. Any ideas? Process:         iTunes [330] Path:            /Applications/iTunes[More]

Itunes 10.5.3 hang on "updating iTunes library"

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using Itunes 10.5.3 not sure why but one day when i opened itunes, the "updating itunes library..." window comes up. it loads for a few minutes, then application stops responding when the bar loads about 1/4 of the way. no way to access itunes t[More]

ITunes 10.5 can't open

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Does somebody has a clue ? I haven't been able to open iTunes for a week : it freezes after one second and then this ****** message : Process:         iTunes [1141] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier:      com.[More]

My MacbookPro Freezes when opening itunes HELP!

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When i open my itunes it instantly freezes my Macbook pro taking me at least an hour to force quit. It was working fine and on opening it up a week ago i can't do anything. I'm using 13" Macbook Pro 2.66 intel Core with 4GB memory running 10.7.2 OS.[More]

Itunes 10.5.2 Crash when adding computer to Match?

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Itunes 10.5.2 crashes to desktop, and gives 'itunes quite unexpectedly screen' on my Macbook Pro 13 inch, Mid 2010, 4GB, OSX 10.7.2 (11C74) each time I try to add the computer to my itunes Match account.   I have successfully added my iMac, and my iP[More]

In last version of Pages, I would make a proposal to a customer and then go to 'share' and then choose 'PDF' from the drop down. Next screen allowed me to choose the option of password protecting the document from being edited. This new version of Pa [More]
Hi all, in Windows folders PDF Portfolio files are displayed as follows: 1. Using common PDF icons (bad, because we cannot distinguish PDF from PDF Portfolio), or 2. If the folder allows larger pictures, then we see the standards Porfolio cover showi [More]
hi, what is the difference b/w occurs 0 and occurs 1? and what is the significance of begin of?The number <N> indicate how many lines has to have the table in initialization time: i.e. when the program is loaded in memory, the space for the table de [More]
My remote for my iMac is not working. I originally thought it neeeded a new battery but that was not it. I had a power outage the other night and since then have been noticing the problem. The apple support says; 'To turn on IR reception: Open System [More]
Hi Everyone...... I hope this might be a common problem but i searched for similar problem......i did'nt find the solution my problem is I'm trying to download .xls(excel file data into an internal table using OPEN DATASET FOR INPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCO [More]
Hi, Just trying to get some advice here about master socket and BT unwillingness to new customer. I placed online order 2 weeks ago for infinity 2 & land line, My landline has been inactive for about a year now. So think that my new landline was inac [More]
Hey,      I want to make "The ultimate entertainment center" and need to know what display i should look for. the items i need to hook up to it are:      -Mac mini      -Apple TV      -PS3      -PS2      -Over the air antenna I don't think a App [More]
I'm looking for some help to set up an adjustment layer to compensate for a specific lens colouration issue. Basically I'm using a GoPro (on a drone) but I have fitted an aftermarket flat lens. Sharpness is good, but the lens has a well known issue – [More]
Hi, I need to call the report (with destype = SCREEN) from the PL/SQL procedure and display in the browser. For Example: when I call P_call_report procedure in my Forms6i button or at sql*plus, the report output PDF/HTML should open in the Browser wi [More]
iCal has preferences that let you decide how many hours per day you want to see, and which hours of the day you want to make appointments. For example, I need to see 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and I don't need to make appointments for the night. If I specify i [More]