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I recently installed iCloud on my Win7 but I've never gotten around to actually open it. Everytime I sign in, it just loads for hours until I get frustrated and shut the computer off. I'm loosing all my patience, I've uninstalled-reinstalled checked [More]
My computer is approx. 3-4 years old. After wasting lots of time troubleshooting why my computer wouldn't recogize my iPod, I finally called Apple. They said they thought I had a problem with my USB being too slow. I then called Radio Shack, and they [More]
Hi Folks, There is a AR Reports in oracle Reports which is giving the Data perfectly fine but the user is not able to export the Data properly on to a excel sheet . When he is exporting the data on to a excel all the line comes in a single Cell thus [More]
I bought a new computer recently. I currently have iTunes on my laptop, but I want to move it to my new system. The problem I suspect is that the CD that came with my 30G iPod is likely an older version (of 6.0, but still, older). If I insta [More]
i back up my phone manually to i-tunes every few months b/c i like to extract and print my sms for work I noticed today that with ios 7 update, some of my prior backups had been deleted.   I would like to keep prior backup files How can i do that. Th [More]
Not 100 percent sure, but I believe my colleague has tried them all - 5+ day lead timeJust so you know, this isn't an e-commerce site. This is a support forum if someone has questions on software. If you would like to submit a request for quote to a [More]
I have the following requirement: 1 Scenario is MTO. 2 Once the order is complete, the stock is shipped to the customer site. At this point no COGS should be recognised and it should remain a stock. 3 Once the stock is shipped to the customer site, c [More]
How to validate the item on certain basis. i have three field in my form 1) Insured ( Yes / No ) list item 2) Inusred Date 3) Expiry Date if user select Yes the both filed will enable and user should insert the date. and expiry date not less than ins [More]
I use arch with Openbox, now I want to make iso / LiveUSB from the arch in my hard drive, I would like my arch is already built can be used on any computer like Ubuntu LiveUSB. what should I do?. please help me ======================================= [More]
Is there anyway to lock the dock... for example lock it on genie effect and lock the apps in the dock. If i try using parental controls it won't let me. "Can't turn of parental controls for an administrator user or a network account". Is there a [More]