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I just bought an iphone 4s while my wife has already been using an iphone 4s for months. I wish to sync my iphone to the same macbook(account) as my wife's iphone as we use the same apps and listen to the same music.  But we would like to have separa [More]
how do i restore my old icloud pictures so i can look at them. i lost my old phone and i want to find a way to get my old picturesTry and look at this: other 2 answers [More]
Hi Experts, I have a requirement wherein I need to fetch the FKSTA - Billing status of delivery-related billing documents into the datasource 2lis_11_VASTI. I have checked a lot of threads on this topic but have not found a concrete solution yet. I h [More]
Hello all, I am looking for a free good tutorial to learn SQL for Oracle 8i. If anyone got any links or resources, kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.I am looking for a free good tutorial to learn SQL for Oracle 8i.8i has been unsupported for years. I [More]
Hi All, I am creating a PO from purchase requisition through ME21N, from the document flow, I am dragging and dropping the PR into PO screen. While doing this, there are some line items which gets disabled. I want to check where this has been done, I [More]
I have a curve 8520 and have this facebook icon at the top of my scrEen that won't go away, I checked and re-checked my fb account, did a battery pull and its still there, any suggestions? Solved! Go to Solution.1) open the facebook app 2) log off fa [More]
In release 6 of Elements I was able to change the tag icon to a photo. How do I do this with release 13 of ElementsI found a sample of what I would like to do again in Elements 13 that I did previous in Elements 6 [More]
Hi all, i recently accidentally deleted all contacts from the contact list using a third party app! Luckily however I noticed that most of my needed contacts are still available on the Exchange Global Address List link. What is this Global Address Li [More]
This question was posted in response to the following article: wrote: I'm aware of the pop-up menus. I don't know that they relate to final, Ray Traced render [More]
I am not sure what the best strategy is for native Android folios. Should I build a single folio at 1280x800 or renditions at 1280x800, 1920x1200, and 2560x1600 as described in Digital Publishing Suite Help | Setting up renditions for native Android [More]