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Hi everyone. I am using New GL functionality in ECC6.0. I have a big question regarding multiple objects splitting. Ej: Purchase of a service. If I set one cost centre in the expense line item, the profit centre and segment are determined automatical [More]
I try to attach a document through pages, etc, and it only takes me to the mail app, not gmail app. Is there a way to circumvent this? Thanks!I Have the Xfinity Connect which is Comcast's email app. I can attach a Pages document to an email in there [More]
Hi My first iPad question. We don't own an iPad yet but we might get one to replace an "old" Mac mini. We would like to connect the iPad to a regular Toshiba TV and play movies and recorded EyeTV shows from a networked drive, attached to my iMac [More]
I have a form with digital signatures.  I understand that the digital signatures have a date on them but until we are fully electronic with the form some users may still print sign and date.  With that said we will have a date field next to the signa [More]
I have a DVD with a main feature and a more features links on the first page. Currently, the more features link is initially selected when you play the DVD, but I need the main feature to be selected - any idea how I can do this?There is a way to do [More]
Hi I have a string that is passed to the SHA-1 encryption algorithm and returns a key. This key will be matched with a key generated from a PHP application which also uses SHA-1. I am sure my code is correct and the encryption works because i compare [More]
I know asking what everyone thinks is the best audio interface for Logic (Express or Pro - I currently have Express 8) is highly subjective. What I want to know is if anyone feels that certain interfaces work particularly well or particularly poorly [More]
My 4th generation (I think?) ipod nano blinks the apple logo continually.  I gave it to my 9 yr old and she may have killed it.  I have reset the ipod pressing the Menu and Select buttons which will stop the blinking and give me a solid logo signal m [More]
Can I somehow insert kind of a control break for normal report regions? I use it within serveral interactive reports. Now I have a normal report region displaying projects of all department. The users want to have them grouped with a sum by departmen [More]
I have both a MacBook Pro and an iMac which I use regularly. I'd like to merge all of my history items from the laptop to the desktop so that I can see all of the items on the desktop. How can I do this? Thanks!Hi yes you can, though it's not somethi [More]