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Hi All, Currently I'm working on a scenario wherein an invoice file is generated and created on FTP server, PI system picks up invoice (xml file) and sends to customer via EDI 810. The scenario failed in sxmb_moni and below is the error message. <SAP [More]
Dear All, I am creating a couple of SWFs, SWFa (Games Board Holder) & SWFb (Quiz). I would like to load up SWFb from SWFa and then a variable in SWFa would be set from the Quiz SWFb once the quiz is complete. var mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieC [More]
hello all. i have been able to get my network set up to where i can stream playlists from my main computer with the large hard drive and all the music on it, works great. what i cannot figure out is how my wife can go in on her older laptop with prac [More]
Hi everyone I need some help on sequencing an application. I am trying to sequence Business Objects 6.5 with all it's dependencies such as Oracle client, Java and MDAC. The application installs and runs with no issues on both Windows 7 SP1 and Window [More]
Hi guys, Today I tried with SQL function 'unistr', found it strange in the parameter... My environment: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production PL/SQL Release - Production CORE    Producti [More]
I recently installed Logic 9 on a new Mackbook Retina running OSX Mavericks 10.9.2 However every time I try to bounce or save as Logic crashes and displays "Logic Pro has unexpectedly quit" I've done all the software updates for logic so its run [More]
Hello gurus! I've got a problem transporting an Org Unit to QA. Previously I've transported a preliminary version of the organizational structure, and now there are some changes. I've moved them with RHMOVE30 but in QA there are no changes and the ol [More]
The license agreement for FCS2 allows me to. Does the agreement for FCP X allow the same? If so, how does one go abaout installing on two different machines?If purchased through the Mac App Store then it can be installed on up to five authorized CPUs [More]
Hello,  im new to PowerShell and EWS and would like to know how to forward an E-Mail with the .Forward Method of the EmailMessage Class. Is it possible to also forward an Email with an FileAttachment? I already have access to the Messages i want to f [More]
Hi, I would like to add a news page on my iweb site where i can write small texts. I want to display the title and a few lines with a "read more" feature Using the blog theme is not what I want because I don't want people to have access to the a [More]