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I use Apple Mail on both my MacBook and iPhone to sync with my IMAP account and have recently acquired a problem: Although I don't use the To Do function in Mail, Mail has been creating an Apple Mail To Do folder in my iPhone/MacBook folder list. At [More]
After upgrading to Yosemite yesterday, I've noticed that the speed editor no longer works. It used to be a turtle icon but now it's a clock (3rd icon from the right in the attached image)..but a clock that can never be clicked on. Also Command R is s [More]
Hi all, I need to get the row (or similarly column and band) number of a georaster as number. Some approach that i have explored : (a) Using SDO_GEOR.getSpatialDimSizes, which return an sdo_Number_array. For example SDO_NUMBER_ARRAY(211, 725) means 2 [More]
Can I include constants at the EJB interface? I want to provide to the client the set of values that a specific method avoid... How can I do it? Thankxtechnically there is no problem in putting constants in the remote interface. ex. define a string c [More]
My 5 month I book is shutting down and the only way to turn it on back is to plug it. Then the date is back to 1970. It hapenned several time . What should I do. Thank'sThe adapter light is green. The batery test shows 0 lights (it had 4 yesterday). [More]
After upgrading FF, Gmail messages do not load. Although I can check email and view the message headers fine. The message does come up, theres just no text in the message body. I do not get a security certificate warning but I suspect it has somethin [More]
SSD crashed on a laptop that had installed Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Have new laptop and would like to install application, what do I need to do I have the S/N?Hi Jonathan, Please specify the version of Adobe Acrobat Pro you wish to install. Regards, Sheen [More]
Hi.. I am using the oracle version I have created a type user defined geometry( create or replace type geometry of geometry1) in the schema named "schema1" I tried creating the same in a new schema schema2.. It throws an error geometr [More]
I have 2 computers: a Dual 2.3 GHz PPC with 4.5 GB of RAM, and a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini all running from the same Airport Extreme with 802.11g. The Mini gets around 13 MBps almost all the time. I can not get the PPC G5 over 4 MBps. the mini [More]
Just on certain sites, the wording is all jumbled and I cant read it. Its not overlapping itself at all, but its irritating. If I copy and paste it into another program, I can read it, but thats the only way. I have suitcase running all of my faunts [More]