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Hi, I am trying to configure Principal Propagation for a Proxy -> PI -> RFC, sync scenario. I am working on PI 7.1 SP6 and when i am trying to configure the "Configuration Adapter" in JAVA stack i am not able to find the following config. [More]
                   Hi, This VG 224 is right out of the box and during the booting it displays these errors. % Crashinfo may not be recovered at flash:crashinfo % This file system device reports an error Then when I tried to take a look at the flash i [More]
there is no itunes i can download that will work with NON-64 bit windows. I clicked on both version 11 and 10.7 and the download is 64 bit! where is the correct software?+Could not open key:+ HKeyLocalmachine/software/mozillaplugins/ [More]
Hi, I am writing a program to copy routing from one plant to another. Everything works great except for long text. I did search the forum but could not find any helpful tips. 1>  I am reading the routing using fm CP_EX_PLAN_READ        CALL FUNCTION [More]
how to use apple tv with bluetooth keyboard. mine will not pair or discover. I know it works because I am using it on my iPAD.Hello SKBright, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. For more information on this, take a look at: Apple TV: Using th [More]
OK My mom's PC died the other had all her itunes music on it that she did sync with her ipod and ipad ( a whopping 375 songs) so she has the songs on her IOS devices. She inherited and old MacBook (mine) and in the porcess of trying to sync [More]
HI Experts,           I have created a report for displaying self approved shopping carts. When I run this report in SAPGUI I am able to trasnport the result of the report to local file and also send the result through mail. But when I run the same r [More]
I have a model object A that contains list of other models b as a collection. I want to update object A using getTopLinkTemplate().mergeWithReferences(a) but it is not updating object a values in the database. The changes seems to be in the cache but [More]
Hi SAP Gurus, SRM 5.0 Extended Classic Scenario CCM 2.0 Query : Work Flow triggers the professional purchaser PP in approval previw of SC  but there is no email sent to the PP inbox. No email notification is sent to the Professional purchaser inbox. [More]
I have CS5 Extended (Version 12.0.3 x64).  I am running it on a HP Pavillion Quad core with 6gig ram, Windows Vista Home Premium and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 video card with 1gig video RAM (opengl is on). I am unable to get several workspaces.  [More]