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Hi, I'm having an issue with trying to install windows 8.1 on my iMac. OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1 iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 1TB Storage I'm getting the error: "Boot Camp only supports Windows 7 or later ins [More]
Hi, the "uncommitted files" view is really cool. Would be great if you could add the file type specific context menu. This would allow me to run Jalopy, PMD, ALT-POS1 or another tool directly in the view without having to open the file in the ed [More]
Hi there, i got a question i need to ask according to the helpdesk i just spoke to. I've downloaded the Contribute CS5 trial yesterday and i wanted to show my costumer how to edit pages and create new ones. I've made the connection to the website and [More]
Hi guys, very basic question but I have not found an answer, yet. I built an left outer join MDO query and need to select all those dataset that did not find a "partner", that is fields are set to "---". However, I do not manage to fil [More]
Hi, I am pretty new to this ISU field and i have been asked to code for a Long Text in EMIGALL for DEVICE LOCATION, so i would like someone can help me with it. thanks in advance. Robert.Robert, You can find most of the answers to your questions in t [More]
First up: I'm no techie. Epson tells me I will need an Epson print server to enable me to print wirelessly on my ADSL-Time Capsule 500GB (7.3.2)-Airport (5.3.2) network, using an Epson DX8400, which they tell me doesn't support network printing: so f [More]
Can anyone tell me what Forte third party frameworks are available? If you have had experience with any of these frameworks, could you give me your opinion of that product? Was the framework easy to use? Did you save time using that particular framew [More]
My teacher made the simpleInput part, so that actual inputing works, and also I have two other classes with defined variables with getters, setters, and a default constructor and a premade constructor. Question is, when I run this program and I type [More]
I have the JVM Spec, 2nd ed., on my desk. I'm trying to find out about changes to the class file format since its publication, i.e. what are the differences between class file versions 46.0, 47.0 and 48.0? So far, searching the JDC and the web hasn't [More]
Hi All, i dont have apple ID and i am creating but i am not able to complete my action as it is asking for credit card option and i have dont have any credit card, there is not such option to ignore and complete it without filling details. Can you he [More]