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Hi, I have created a seperate process template for MBA candidates (external) as per client requirement and in the Vacancy req.when the process template is selected the application wizard is getting displayed ( which has been defined according to new [More]
I performed a clean install of mac osx server 10.5.1 on our new xserve. I then used the gateway setup assistant to set the xserve up as a router. Ethernet 1 has a static IP which is connected to our dsl line. Ethernet 2 is connected to a switch with [More]
Hi Is there any way where if we post a credit note using MIRO,we can avoid GR/IR account and directly post an entry Dr Vendor Cr Inventory/consumption account? As per standard existing settings,it is first debited to Gr/IR account at first time and i [More]
I currently access emails from my ISP via three avenues. I use webmail when I'm in the office, iPhone on the go and Mac Mail at home. However, I will end up seeing the same emails three times. Even after deleting unwanted emails from my webmail, they [More]
Is there a way in iCal for Panther to print the notes in the calendar event? Not the task list. Either just that event or all events in a month with the notes included.John In replying to another post today I was refering the OP on to software called [More]
Hello Gurus, We have our BW System on two instances with a separated oracle database server. Last week the system was unreachable and we must restarted it hard. After that, the Listener could  started and runs. The DB could started, mounted and opene [More]
Hello Gurus, i am confronted with a strange situation which i could not understand. We transported a PC into the Quality and it was ok. Some adjustments were done: 1. the developer delete the DTP in the process chain before deleting in the dataflow. [More]
Dear All, We are facing a problem in accessing a exception runtime error in portal application( i have the error log below). I have found the discussion in forum for same exception error, but while deploying object.  whereas i am getting the error li [More]
I tried updating to xorg 1.16 yesterday and after rebooting everything stopped after "[OK] Reached target Network." I was able to switch to a different terminal and downgrade to xorg 1.15 to boot again. I've seen [More]
I want to print from a laptop via wireless to a HP Laserjet M1217nfw. The location means that there is no wireless router involved. The manual suggests that there are two possible methods if no wireless router is available. The first one is an ad-hoc [More]