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do audigy 4 and audigy 4 pro drivers differ? the newest pro is only beta and a few months older than the "non pro". also, despite having bought a 4 pro, it never says so, neither in the system or when using autoupdate (installed products: Sound [More]
    At my office, we all work from the same network and are constantly sharing files. We need to add comments and edit PDF files. One thing I have noticed is that adobe will not tell you that someone else has the file open until you have made all you [More]
Hi I have a web dynpro application from where a workflow will be started based on an event. I want to retrieve the workitem ID. How to retrive it? As per the Forums answers, I am currently using SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_TO_OBJECT function module to get the [More]
Hi Newbie here. I installed Lollipop on Friday and still getting to grips with it. I noticed immediately that on dragging-down the Notification bar there was weather information showing. I must have swiped it clear cos for the life of me I can't see [More]
This happens frequently, I try to put my Macbook Pro to sleep and it just wakes up again after a couple of seconds. Every time it does, the fan blows heavily for a couple of seconds. The computer runs as it should, only problem is, it runs while it s [More]
Hey, I have a problem with getting bigger prictures by clicking on the smaler one. Example: On our news section are posted some pictures. That pictures are "thumbnails" (or just smaller pictures) and when I click on the thumbnail the original pi [More]
Dear All, This might be a basic question, if it is basic kindly guide me. Since I am new to logistic Execution module , kindly help me.  I am SD guy. There are three parties involved in individual shipment such as forwarding agent, transporter and cu [More]
can any one help me? i need a report for vat quarterly report for andhra pradesh. is there any predefined report? or do we need to create the report format? please help me. thanks in advance. shankarchitupoluSanjay, In BSI, under Modeling, thereu2019 [More]
Hello,       We have a PXI 1042 chasis with PXI-8106 microcontroller and PXI-2532 switch. With this switch and NI TB-2641 we are able to configure the system as 8 x 64 switch. We would like to configure switch as 16 x 64 matrix . After some research [More]
I have someone that wants to upgrade to iOS 6, but they are still on 4.3.5 and never upgraded to 5. Before I help them with this, is this even possible? Or will I have to upgrade to 5 first and then 6? I dont want to risk erasing any of their data. A [More]