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MacBookPro 15 OS - Yosemite Problem area - "Contacts" Problem - when sending an e-mail in "Mail" I used to open contacts to get an address.  A small window opened, I clicked on addressee and moved the addressee name to the e-mail.  Can [More]
Lots of entries in the system log: Feb 10 13:50:55 MacBook-Pro.local authorizationhost[6960]: in pam_sm_authenticate(): OpenDirectory - The authtok is incorrect. Feb 10 13:50:59 MacBook-Pro.local authorizationhost[6960]: in pam_sm_authenticate(): Ope [More]
how do i get my info back???If your music was purcansed from the iTunes Store and your country allow is you can redownload it Login to itunes as yourself on this computer then You will also need to authorise that co [More]
I have some user data that I have to validate before submitting it to a db and so I was planning on popping up an to ask them if they are sure in the usual fashion. Button click event points to function that should show the Alert. debug sh [More]
I try to switch off the 3G network, the call duration can last longer before it cuts itself off.  With 3G on, it is almost impossible to have a conversation for more than a minute.Reboot the phine, turn 3g off, or take it to apple care or geek squadR [More]
Since downloading music from iTunes i am unable to get text messages on my IPad how do I correct this I have gone over all my settingsTry turning off iMessage, Settings->Messages->iMessage.  reboot the iPad, then turn it back on.  If that doesn't wo [More]
When I am using Mozilla, I cannot go back one page unless the arrow is black. Most of the time it is grey which means you 'CAN'T go back. When I click on the red X to close the page it says, "you are about to close (4 tabs) or however many, "DO [More]
when entering my serial number into my account, it says my mac book pro serial number is invalid. What do you get when you enter it here? Check for typos. Ciao.Read other 2 answers [More]
Hi, please suggest any fm for to finding departments under manager. Thanks & Regards RaoIt's solved, thanks for all, Now I know how powerfule "RH_STRUC_GET" function, Its really cool and When I read following link [More]
Dear guru , i run COOIS for list PPIOA000 (Object Overview)  Profile 000000000001 (Standard Profile) for production orders. In object selection view the system purpose for every object (operations , components ..) a profile  000001. I have tried in c [More]