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I just got a new 3rd generation nano and I'm trying to use both my 2nd and 3rd generation nano on my Vista computer. I want to have different music on each iPod but can't figure out how to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks...You can set either or both [More]
how to create test database in system (have downloaded mxdb)...Can someone pls help as I am new to SAPHi amit, the maxdb documentation gives all information which is needed: Install the software with SDBSETUP: <a href=" [More]
I am querying the database to return a date column. I want to map it to a String but format it as "Jan-31-3010'. am running into issue with this NAy suggestiions.Dan. I am getting the date returned from database. that is what is messing up so here is [More]
Hi! That's my first day using MacBook Pro. cmd+c and cmd+v are working, but cmd+x is not. Can you tell me how to cut in Mac. Thanks.Abhinav Macma Here too. I been searching on internet what is the problem and trying to contact to Apple. I can only mo [More]
Hi experts, Is there any FM exsting to get field detials. for ex: If i pass KOSTL field it should give deitals like datatype, length etc... thanks kakiHi, Please check this FM DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET and pass table name BSAD (for example) and field name K [More]
Hi All, We are getting the following error when activating an ODS: Fiscal year variant  not expected                                            Error when assigning SID: Action VAL_SID_CONVERT table 0FISCPER    Interestingly, we have two systems for [More]
I today evaluated the benefit of having a seconds display on my machine. I'm a little stunned there's no obvious way in InDesign to display menu, panels a.s.o. on one display and the layout work on the other. Is it really not possible or did I overlo [More]
Hi, Can anybody give me the whole integration of FI- PP and FI-PS module with Tcodes and accounting enteries.. Thanks Deepahai, PS integration most related with Controlling. In controlling you want to create cost Componenet Structure and assign the s [More]
Hi there! I have an iPod touch 5th generation, and just noticed that the sound from the speakers wasn't working. If I try to turn up the sound, the headphones symbol appears, even though I don't have them plugged in. I noticed the sound only does wor [More]
Hi All, Can someone help me find user exit for T-codes MI09 and MI07; if there is any user exit available in SAP Thanks in advance Regards, HabeebHi, Check the following enhancements available for the development class of the transaction MI09 & MI07 [More]