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Dear Support, I've activated the SAP Webgui and it is working fine. The problem is that the username and password textboxes on login screen are disabled with a message 'via popup' and when i click logon a popup ask me for the username and password. I [More]
PLEASE HELP!!!  Somehow my entire iTunes library got deleted, and I cannot sync all my music that I put on from cd's (which I no longer have). All the purchased music has been synced, but nothing else! All my other devices are synced with iCloud and [More]
I have around 5GB of files in my iTunes Library and I don't want to have to use multiple blank cds (dvds) to get my files onto my new iMac. On top of that I can't my cd-writer doesn't work. So I bought an 8GB USB Flash Drive and I just want to know h [More]
I have pictures that is taken every 2 or 3 minutes and then dumped into a file folder with sequentail number as file names. Now I want to find a routine to automatically check the last picture and load it into labview. Please be aware that I already [More]
Hi there I have 5800 CWM phone and the CWM licence expired in October 2010.  Tthat's fine, as I was able to keep playing the music I had downloaded on both my registered PC and the phone itself. After a little while I  could no longer transfer music [More]
Hi All , Input file: GRP|HD|7001|7001A00443|012| GRP-LN|DTL|1|ZTAS|3|002|209782010|0001|EN GRP-LN|TXT|Customer: KR Test, Case 3 GRP-LN|TXT|Power            : -2.25 GRP-LN|DTL|2|ZTAS|4|002|209782035|0001|EN GRP-LN|TXT|Customer: CL Test, Case 4 GRP-LN| [More]
So anytime I preview a song in iTunes store, whenever I click on the small album art icon (at the top) to bring up the smaller player, the album art shows up blurry. Has been happening for the past three or four iTunes releases. How can I fix it? Whe [More]
Hello, the export with the csv option works fine and our users like this export-function. But Unfortunatelly we have some problems with the exported number fields. In my region I defined the field with a format mask. On the screen it looks fine but w [More]
I currently have InDesign CS4 Design Premium. I purchased and downloaded the InDesign CS5.5 upgrade as I only want to update InDesign and not the entire Design Premium package, but when I try to activate I am told I can't. I suspect this is because t [More]
Any else experience this problem? Basically when I am typing and I lean with my palms on the body of the macbook (not overly hard) the keyboard starts acting really strange. Keys I press won't work, and other keys will just randly start being hit. If [More]