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hI, I hace install the content server and i made content repository also. everything I made on development server, and the original application file is getting check in also. now when I tried to check in it in test sever, it giving me error like  Err [More]
Hello I have one question about setting default save as type. I get images from scanner, after that I go to "Save as" and I select location, tipe in name of pdf and choose save as type. Under default setting *.pdf is selected but I want to use * [More]
AS the title of this thread implies, I am interested in improving the way I program. While continuing to work on a project, I found myself reaching back to old entry-level tricks learned early on to posit a solution to a problem. however, I am intere [More]
Hi, I have list of .folio files and I want to edit those files and copy the text from the .folio fiile. Can any tell me how to edit .folio files.  Is it possible to edit the .folio files in Folio panel. Or if any other application can able to open th [More]
Using Safari 5.1 (7534.58.3). I do a radio show twice per week.  While on the show, I open like 30 windows with articles or information I want to discuss on the show. When I'm done, I close the browser. Later, when I reopen it, the 15 or so pages i d [More]
My husband updated to the new operating system GRRRRRR Now I can't find iPhoto or my pictures help pleaseA wild guess - you have been directly accessing your photos (which has never been supported) and can not now?  If so then simply do it correctly [More]
Hey all, i received my ipod as a gift. It was working fine for a few weeks until one day i plugged it into my computer. After plugging it into my computer, the nano stopped working. The screen does not turn on. Yet there is power and the ipod is on. [More]
Hello, I have had a mixed bag of help and criticism so far. Thanks for those who've helped. I really appreciate it. I am trying to learn the Java Language, i am simply not interested in someone else doing the work for me. With this in mind, any help [More]
How to download latest hindi movie songs mp3 free in my iphone 4s  and also how can i download free hindi mp3 on my windows and then transfer it to my iphone music sectionMusic syncs to your phone from your computer via iTunes. Read the manual.Read o [More]
tel me wat is erp. and uses. and also abt fault message types how and where i can use. urgentHi, see the below links /people/community.user/blog/2007/04/12/what-is-erp,290660,sid21_gci213946,00.html http: [More]