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Hi all. I included some fields in EKKO table. I want to add these fields in ME21n, ME22n, ME23n Header screens. How to add? I can't find screen exit and user exit. Plz, let me know how to do in detail. Regards, nam Message was edited by:         Kil [More]
hi, We have to launch file open dialog box using forms 6i within oracle apps and store the file into the database. Any ideas? Thanks, AZHi azodpe i have a solution(Source Code) plz give me ur email address i ll mail u later. KhurramRead other 4 answe [More]
Hi, I have a problem with the case of free of charge items. I have order OR and item category TANN. I need for legal requirements to book the VAT for that item internally and not to the customer. Can anyone help on that? Thank you!Hi, this can be sol [More]
Good Morning, I have generated entity/view objects, from the same table, for JDev9.0.3 and JDev9.0.5. The application runs fine under JDev9.0.3. When I drag/drop a view onto the design panel within 9.0.5 and run its associated dataAction two unexpect [More]
Hi, Our Oracle database(10g) is running an archive mode currently. we have to change the mode to noarchive mode without downtime. Can I change the mode through the online ? Please advise me ! ThanksAre you planning on doing this historical data load [More]
We are using CRM 5.0 and have to create a smartform for the acknowledgement of the order. The output is triggered correctly but marketing want me to include an image at the top of the page. I understand that you are only able to load tif or bmp into [More]
I am implementing Zooming functionality for reports which have some icons. I am trying to scale icon by scaling its image. But the problem I am facing is that the icons have transparent background and the scaling puts a black background in place of t [More]
ZCC 11.2.1 w/MU2 on MSQL 2k8 64bit and win2k8 servers. Device is Win 7sp1pro 64 bit with MU2. I have a user that is on a regular basis being prompted to log off and on due to a new policy being enforced. this user has the same policy as multiple othe [More]
Hi all, does anyone know how to block zero quantity when creating inventory transfer? for example: I have zero quantity in warehouse A. Then I want to transfer it to warehouse B. The system accept that. So, when I check that item in warehouse A, the [More]
We are looking at migrating to SAP General Ledger on a production system with over 150 company codes and 10 years of unarchived data. Since this results in pretty large database tables we are looking at several options to minimize business impact. Am [More]