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I'm having this odd problem with keyframe effects. Setup: I have a gif image that I have on video 1 for say 2 minutes. I have my real video on video 2.  It is a person talking. First I start with my video full size on top of video 1. Though the motio [More]
Hi all, At work here in the UK, we upgraded our machines to Mavericks OS X 10.9 and since then have been unable to print to our office printer. The only work around we found so far was to print through Google Cloud, and only in black and white. I hav [More]
Running a fully updated Arch64. Here's the terminal output when trying to run Tomboy : [[email protected] ~]$ tomboy [DEBUG]: NoteManager created with note path "/home/flick/.tomboy". [INFO]: Initializing Mono.Addins Unhandled Exception: System.I [More]
Hi, I am working on Toplink storedProcedure but, I am not getting any output. I go through the Oracle Tutorial but, still I am not getting any alternative. please, anyone help out.... Thanking You, regards, sufianHello Sufian, You seem to have a few [More]
Hi All, I have a requirement. I am displaying certain user information through a form i.e with all the fields in the form as READ ONLY / DISLAY ONLY. I need a XLS/PDF download button allowing users to click and download the particular details on the [More]
In numbers, is it possible to have a chart with a transparent background. Right now, the entire chart contains a big white background. I did discover that a table can have a transparent background, but so far, I can't seem to find this feature in cha [More]
Hi Guys, I have SDA file to deploy in PI 7.1. I could not find SDM in 7.1, Is this removed, if yes then how to deploy the SDA files. any help would be appreciated Thanks, SriniHi Stefan, I placed the SDA file in the JSPM inbox directory and the JSPM [More]
My IMac (Intel) crashes when I am playing zanga games  on facebook. Last time took me 9 times of rebooting to get it going.  Anyone else having this problem. I am running 10.4 Tiger.Try resetting your browser, that may help. (Safari) click the Safari [More]
I've recently installed Photoshop Elements and now when I open an attached pdf file in an email, Photoshop is used to open the file rather than Acrobat which i also have and use extensively.  How do I change the default program used to open a file?If [More]
I don't remember my security answers and I have two emails set up. The websites keep saying to send a rescue email but it doesn't give me the option to send one. I can get on my apple store on the computer but it requires the security questions for m [More]