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This morning my phone was charging fine until I got to class and tried to charge it and it wouldn't work. Now it only charges when it is off but it doesn't die fast. Please help. This phone is a month old so it's brand new.Hello Apalmucci23, Thanks f [More]
Hi, I am trying to install OBIEE on my windows 2008 server Virtual machine. I have the BI zip files (Unzipped into one folder ) on my external hard drive. When I try to access the file and run the setup.exe on my virtual machine it is not working. Th [More]
Hi, I would like to add more than one Wiki-Cal to my Webcal (or CalDAV). Well I have two Wikis with calendars both are shown in my webcal (see photo) I have added the wiki calendar "Oberstufe" and from another wiki "Praktikum". In one [More]
Just want to verify communication between UCS servers on same chassis but having active vNICs on different FIs (Diagram attached). I suppose all commuication between server-A & server-B will happen through Layer 2 switch as server-A will generate an [More]
When I click on the file to open in the App it says, "The document has features that are not supported in this version of Adobe Reader". I have ensured that I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader onto my phone. The PDF, "mater [More]
Steps to reproduce: Please note, source and target instance are same here 1. Assume X is the existing OU, and Y is the new OU setup at basic level 2. Dowloaded Receivables trx types data as an extract for OU = X 3. Modified the xml file to point it t [More]
Hi Gurus, I have added a new field in the Profit Center Master data(0PROFIT_CTR_ATTR) in R/3 and the changes seem to be working fine in BW. This 0PROFIT_CTR is present in one of the InfoCubes that we have on the BIA. I have turned 'ON' the newly adde [More]
iTunes crashes whenever I try to import either a file or folder - regardless of the file format (e.g. WMA, MP3 etc.).  This is only a recent problem.  Is the only option to try to re-install iTunes?  Thanks for any assistance.  DyswimI have had the s [More]
I imported movies from my camcorder (Sony digital 8) and when I tried to share/media browser/publish, or Share/i DVD, after hours, a window appears with a message "The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error ocurred (-2125)" [More]
Hello all, we´ve experienced a weird problem using the Oracle JDBC driver version While executing SELECT statement we get an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception from the JDBC driver. Here´s the stacktrace: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcep [More]