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Hello all, I have a report where I am having a edit column with a image: <a href="javascript:jump('''                   || emp".emp_id || ''',''' || rownum || ''');" || onclick="movepic();">' || '<img name="edit1&quo [More]
Hello friends, I am having problem in displaying images. I am using OAS 4.0.7, Developer 6.0 and Jinitiator I have an image on canvas(embedded, using file->import->image option). When deploy my form on to web, it is not showing that image. [More]
I'm thinking about getting a MacBook - the main use would be to hook it up to my HDTV and watch streaming video, etc. Other than that, it'd be used lightly - no gaming, just browsing the internet, email, and possibly word processing. I've checked a l [More]
Laptop is an HP Pavilion dv6700 CTO Entertainment .  I have been attempting to create a data DVD.  When I attempt to burn the DVD with Power2Go, it goes through the process, but nothing is burned to the disc and the disc appears empty after the burn [More]
I have an issue now since upgrading to Mavericks with my extended display monitor using a displaylink DVI to USB adapter. After awhile, the monitor goes blank. I can unplug the connection from the USB port and plug it back in and the display comes ba [More]
Greetings, I just did a fresh install of J2EE and NWDS stack 13. Before doing so, I deinstalled all previous versions. Now, when I rebuild a Web Dynpro project that has always worked, I get the task messages: "The project was not built due to classpa [More]
firefox is the only browser on my laptop have no way to fix it firefox wont open periode so please how can i fix the problemeSee [[Uninstalling Firefox]], try the [ older version], or the [ beta [More]
This topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks. topic has been moved to MSI Notebooks & Netbooks. other 3 answers [More]
Hi, Our system is unicode enable and I want to write a file in UTF-8 format. I'tried  the following syntax. OPEN DATASET l_filename FOR OUTPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING UTF-8. and OPEN DATASET l_filename FOR OUTPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING default But when [More]
I had to create a new apple name and resync the ipod and lost all 103 songs purchased under old name.  How do I recover them?I repeat here a post I made elsewhere: I hope that it helps you, and, if it does, please post the info elsewhere. You can get [More]