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So.. I do get an error message saying that a session could not be started with the iPod, or as it says in Swedish "iTunes kunde inte säkerhetskopiera iPod-enheten "namn's iPod" eftersom en session inte kunde startas med iPod". The iPod [More]
Hi all. I'm trying to activate/deactivate some JMenuItem options for a JPopupMenu launched for a JTree object. Let's say, depending on "some state", I want some options in the JPopupMenu (the JMenuItems) should be enabled or disabled, and change [More]
I can burn a playlist to a CD with start time and end time edits and I can regulate the number of seonds between tracks. But when I try to burn a CD that has been set to cross fade, the burn process ignores the fade out and fade in and just burns the [More]
Hi! Is anyone editing HDV without the use of a Kona? I don't need to digitize or output, so I was wondering if the Kona is necessary? Also, I'm looking for recommendations on drives or raids that work well with FCP and HDV. Thanks!A Kona card isn't n [More]
Does anyone know a way to dynamically scroll the report viewer so that the current test is displayed?If I'm understanding what you want correctly, this is how the report viewer is designed when you press Ctrl+End, so I'm surprised this isn't working [More]
I have a Sony PRS-T1. I also have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my computer. My Husband has a Kobo. When I purchase ebooks from various book stores they are automatically put into Sony PC Reader. When my husband wants ro read these books, I add [More]
Hi Gurus, I am SD Support consultant. I would like know the complete process that involve in manufacturing industry. Process I understud is as follow Sales => Inquiry - estimation - Quotation - Order - Delivery - Billing - Excise After Order I am cre [More]
I am currently on Mountain Lion and am trying to update to Yosemite.  I have had troubles with the download - took a very long time. I restarted the pc and was prompted to install the update.   I started the installation and it is stuck on the messag [More]
I am attempting to do backup tasks using the Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager Console (the java application and not the web interface). When I right click on the ORCL database in the left treeview, I get a context menu that has "Backup Management" [More]
I have installed Angry Birds Seasons HD on my iPad. It has installed, but another icon with a full blue bar with 'installing' written below is displayed. It's not even being deleted... HELP!Repeating your question in the post doesn't fully explain wh [More]